[Almost] Rebound Love


I am one of the person on this earth who did not understand how rebound love work. I know the term and I've seen it happen. It is just that, the arrogant side of me once said: Nah... That would not happen to me. But being in this post-break up situation, I begin to see the mechanics of rebound love.

Before I start, let me clarify that this entry is based on my own experience. It's something I'd like to share.

Loving the same guy for almost 6 years changed who I am. Love softens me, as I always said. It's not that he wanted me to change or I change because of him. I change because I wanted to be better. I learnt to love and be loved. I even prepare myself for the future. Some wait until the rain come for renovation. I believe in forecasting and making the necessary renovation before it happen.

Before I realized it, I am used to love and commitment. When I lost my love, I was left with incomplete nerve ends; an incomplete circuit. This is when I see the fundamental of rebound love. I felt the urgency to find a replacement over the fact that I am still healing myself. The only reason my self could give me is that there is excessive energy in me when everything did not work as it did for these 6 years -- the loving and committing in a relationship part.

I was urged to find a guy to ease that excessive energy. Because my self needs to love and commit in a relationship as she did all these years.
So that I can have a person to SMS good morning and good night.
Hello, 'Aini!
I couldn't believe I can have that awfully ridiculous thought.

Luckily my inner self was honest enough to tell me the truth. If not, I'd be fooled. I might think I am able to love again or I might depend over a guy and believe that he is required in my healing process. Oh that is so gross.

Detoxification is required, as soon as possible.



well my dear, what a coincident. this is what i read from ur daily inspirational quote;

'We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.
..................................... Thomas Merton'

i planned to write a different comment, but that quote simplify everything. :)

best of luck.. :D
'Aini said…
thanks fifah... decision made. plan executed. though, i'm following the speed limit :D
KC aka Fadli said…
Detoxification is a must. If not, pity the next guy who is going to think he is a lucky guy :-)

Btw, I am just wondering if Angel's gender is a male. You know like Gabriel the Angel.

If it is a male, well, he is the best candidate for a rebound love (minus the ability to text of course)
'Aini said…
Angel is a girl :D
If I want anything male, the name would be Edward :p

Everyday is detox day!

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