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It is 2:53 AM, 29 December 2012. I don't plan to stay up this late; I am supposed to sleep as soon as I am done setting up the laptop. That was before I started working on the recently taken photographs - Dani Mikhael and some photos near Jerejak Island.
My photography activity has slowed down significantly this year. It is not because I was not inspired or don't have time for it. I guess somehow the feeling of loneliness manage to creep it way... It is not fun anymore thinking that I would be 'enjoying' this photography activity alone.
I guess photography makes me miss my friends even more. Pictures without them are emptiness. Sigh.
Okay, this entry is not supposed to be sad. Because as much as I am lonely, how could I not be happy when my friends are in great condition? I am happy :)
So this picture is one of the pictures I took near Jerejak Island. To be specific, it was taken from Seri Pantai Ikan Bakar restaurant, at dusk, while waiting for our dinner.…

Loud and Busy

This is just the time of the year where I would trade my soul for some additional minutes to my 24 hours. Time flies like arrow and fruit flies [still] like banana. And I am filling my brain with as much air as I can in one big gulp - and start working.
So I believe all entry will have to wait. Oh I have so many half-way entries!
It's time for loud and elegance music. Why loud - so that my mind would be too scared to wander around and stays in focus. Why elegance - merely a drop of style. Ha. Maybe CN Blue, Vivaldi and The Piano Guys.
Off. For now. Wassalam.