Saturday, December 29, 2012



It is 2:53 AM, 29 December 2012. I don't plan to stay up this late; I am supposed to sleep as soon as I am done setting up the laptop. That was before I started working on the recently taken photographs - Dani Mikhael and some photos near Jerejak Island.

My photography activity has slowed down significantly this year. It is not because I was not inspired or don't have time for it. I guess somehow the feeling of loneliness manage to creep it way... It is not fun anymore thinking that I would be 'enjoying' this photography activity alone.

I guess photography makes me miss my friends even more. Pictures without them are emptiness. Sigh.

Okay, this entry is not supposed to be sad. Because as much as I am lonely, how could I not be happy when my friends are in great condition? I am happy :)

So this picture is one of the pictures I took near Jerejak Island. To be specific, it was taken from Seri Pantai Ikan Bakar restaurant, at dusk, while waiting for our dinner. I did have the scene in color, but as you know, I am monochrome lover.

I was a quiet evening. Loneliness is the inspiration. But when I look at this picture a while ago, I find it very suitable for below phrase. Especially now.


"There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk." - Jean-Paul Sartre

Monday, December 10, 2012

Loud and Busy


This is just the time of the year where I would trade my soul for some additional minutes to my 24 hours. Time flies like arrow and fruit flies [still] like banana. And I am filling my brain with as much air as I can in one big gulp - and start working.

So I believe all entry will have to wait. Oh I have so many half-way entries!

It's time for loud and elegance music.
Why loud - so that my mind would be too scared to wander around and stays in focus. Why elegance - merely a drop of style. Ha.
Maybe CN Blue, Vivaldi and The Piano Guys.

Off. For now.