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The Beginning

I was asked, what will be the concept of my blog? As typical as I am, I would always want to share on my thoughts. My thoughts. However, thinking about sharing my thoughts makes me anxious. Well, as a Melancholy-Choleric girl, I am, afraid of my own self. Who wants to be me, I do not! Hehehe. My thoughts are all I can offer. I have sort things out. I am the one who can write my blog with tears (online, haha), nobody's going to doubt that. I am confident that I can picture sadness, agony, miserable (what ever synonyms to that) nicely. So, instead of doing that, I would really, really want to share another side of me... The side that only the closest friends would ever notice (well, the another she only make her entrance with the closest friends). I am sharing on the nicest thing. I hope I did not forget that :D Wassalam.