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A Message


Note: This entry was inspired by a friend. Thank you, darling!

"My life is my message".
Gandhi got that right.

Yes, life is a message.
Life is never about what people expect you to be, it's not about what other people want... Life is about us and the decision we made.
‘Life’ is our essence of existence.

I’m not a rule-breaker, thus I am fulfilling my essence of existence. We all do.
We all breathe and survive and die fulfilling this one destiny.
That is to worship Him.
To the tiniest existence of us and the whole universe, life is meaningless without Him.
Life is Him.

That’s my message.
Hidup ini sekadar mencari mati yang sempurna.


Forgetfulness is a Blessing


One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
-- Rita Mae Brown

Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
-- Ingrid Bergman

I couldn't agree more on the statements.
Forgetfulness, if looked from a different corner is a blessing. It will become handy for unwanted memories.

If you can't remember it, you can't be sad about it.
If you can't remember why it made you sad, you'll move on.
Apparently, it will fade away as you forgetting it...



A paper cut
deep into my heart.

"A paper cut" is understatement. Paper cuts to be precise. But I guess I never learn my lesson. I keep on letting myself to experience the paper cut. I think this is similar to extreme sports. Jumping from high place, bone-breaking activities, burning-the-skin hobbies, stuff that scared the insurance agencies or make your beneficiary rich. More than half human being involve in this kind of sports. A simple calculation fact from my mind :p

And I, I only get few paper cuts on my heart.

Japanese Wedding Showcase


I've completed my Bridal Fair 2010 - Japanese Wedding Showcase album! (More pictures in my Facebook album) It was a great experience to attend such event. It was my first fashion show, so I don't really know where should I stand or what should I capture. Alhamdulillah, the pictures turn out great. With a basic gear, I did not expect much but I am happy to see what I manage to captured.

My favorite would be the yellow wedding dress which was transform from a traditional wedding dress. They actually did it on the stage. The models for that particular wedding dress played their role well and brought out the romantic mood. The way he stares at her was like he is so proud of marrying her and there was so much love between them.

I am all excited about this wedding thing (^_____^)
I love Satomi Kobayashi's message. I could not recall it exactly, but her message remind me of the reason why I love wedding so much. For her, it's more than just a business or a …

The Why That You Wonder


This entry is a response to a question asked by a friend to another friend of mine. He wonder why I look different ('different' is not exact word) after the unfortunate event of my relationship (will be referred to as 'unfortunate event' later). Since I did plan to write something similar to that wonder, only nothing related to me, I think there's no harm to proceed with this idiotic babbling :p

It's nothing winning-him-back or revengeful situation. I am not Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) or Putri Farhana (Gol & Gincu). But yes, I can adore Elle Woods and Putri Farhana in girls after their unfortunate event. Fight for your love and fight as a beauty. Puffy eyes, bad hair day, mismatch style? Ugh, no! So not happening (^____^)

It's nothing big.
It's just that I have extras to pamper myself. All the while, love, time, commitment and energy were spent to manage the event. With the occurrence of the unfortunate event, I have them back to myse…

Kepada Kamu



Aku jatuh cinta kepadamu bukan kerana siapa kamu.
Bukan kerana apa yang kamu miliki.
Bukan kerana apa yang telah kamu capai dalam kehidupanmu.
Bukan kerana kata-kata manis yang kamu ucapkan kepadaku.
Bukan juga kerana janji manis yang kamu taburkan.

Cintaku kerana cintamu kepada Allah.
Aku jatuh cinta ketika mendengar kata-katamu yang merendahkan diri di hadapan Allah.
Aku mahu mencintaimu apabila kau serahkan cintamu kepada Allah.
Cintaku mengekori disetiap syukurmu atas rahmatNYA.
Cintaku meniti tapak-tapak cinta dan kerinduanmu terhadap Rasulullah.
Cintaku membara semarak obor perjuangan yang kamu titipkan untuk agama Allah.
Cintaku ikut menangisi taubatmu kepadaNYA.
Cintaku mengaminkan doa-doamu kehadratNYA.
Cintaku melaungkan sokongan atas puji-pujianmu terhadapNYA dan RasulNYA.

Aku cinta kepadamu kerana Allah.

Insha Allah, Allah akan hantarkan seseorang sepertimu kepadaku.
Amiin Ya Allah.