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Forza Azzurri

My reaction when I realised Italy is in Group C with Spain: Uuuu~ They're with Spain.
My reaction when Italy draw with Croatia: Seriously boys~
My reaction when I saw The Star EURO 2012 Free Copy 16-Page Special Edition entitled "Italian Job": Oh they make it to Quarter Final!!! *cheer*
My reaction before going to sleep the night Italy played England for Quarter Final: *crossing fingers* Take care, Azzurri. [Abah is the only person giving me hope that Italy can win against England, and of course the elephant was on our side too. People thinks England have more chance to defeat Italy, "even if the game goes to penalty England will win", said someone. Fine. We Azzurri fans are used to that kind of treatment :p]
My reaction waking up and Google-ing the result and knowing that Italy advanced themselves to Semi Final: Oh my oh my oh my! Texting a 'yeay' shout to a friend and typing "Italy advanced to Semi Final" in my blog but never published it. Read a…

Doa Cinta Nabi Daud

Ya Allah
Aku mohon cintaMu dan cinta insan yang mencintaiMu serta yang dapat mendekatkan aku kepada cintaMu Ya Allah
Jadikanlah cintaMu sesuatu yang paling aku cintai daripada cintaku kepada keluargaku, hartaku, dan air yang dingin Ya Allah
Hidupkanlah hatiku dengan cintaMu dan jadikanlah aku seperti apa yang Engkau cintai Ya Allah
Jadikanlah aku mencintaiMu dengan segenap cintaku dan seluruh usahaku demi keredhaanMu (At-Tarmizi)

My Best Friend's Wedding

"And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same..."

When my best friend told me that she's getting married in plus minus 30 days, a mountain of mix emotions avalanche hits me. 30 days is not enough to wrap up our bachelor best friend day! And I don't even know her future husband! More importantly, I need more time to let her go...
Me and my best friend, we are not the typical two of a kind and over the top best friend. I am the oversensitive melancholy cry baby whereas she is none of that. Hahaha. We even live two separate lives. We had a blast during our school days, before time and distance started to take their place between us. We are occupied with study, career, responsibilities and other stuff. But we survive, for 15 years.
"But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we&#…