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A Depressing Evening


It's a depressing evening... Hari pertama selesema memang sungguh merimaskan. The in-house clinic's doctor annoyed to my spine and I thought I developed a silent grudge towards the nurse who insisted me to see the doctor.

A depressing day accompanied by a depressing song. It would be more dramatic if I can have a cup of warm tea here in this wintry office. That sounds so tempting... But on top of everything, I just want to lay down and doze off.

Lagu "Penakut" by Yuna ni adalah OST untuk telemovie "Isteriku Zulaikha" di TV9 malam tadi. Kisahnya: cinta tiga segi... Not my favorite, it makes me cry. I just hate the "I'm-betraying-my-good-spouse" theme. Hate it, so much! I can't understand how a person could betray other person when that person is so nice. I know why – SELFISH – pure selfish. But the telemovie was sweet. Ringkas dan padat. Dialog pun mudah faham dan mendalam.

Till next time...

by Yuna

Tak s…

Cerita Tayar


Lagi cerita Angel dan tayar beliau...
Pagi Jumaat yang ceria, sebelum jam 7 pagi dah bertolak dari rumah. Hajat hati nak singgah Caltex untuk isi angin tayar. Fara Fauzana baru je nak putarkan panggilan hangit tatkala aku dan Angel tiba di Caltex. Ada 2 bikers tengah isi angin motorsikal masing-masing. Then tiba la turn Angel.

Ini first time nak isi angin di Caltex. Biasanya isi di Shell, tapi hari Rabu dah kantoi pam rosak. Jadi untuk tidak ambil risiko, gamble je la ke Caltex ni. Lagipun dah survey, pamnya pun digital. Teet teet teet. Tayar depan sebelah kiri (yang tercabut rim cap tu) settle. Beralih kepada tayar depan sebelah kanan............ Lama, tapi tak gak cecah 200 KPa. Bila check, ALAMAK TAYAR DAH KEMPIS!!!!

Jadilah aku manusia panik di pagi hari. Tambah panik bila 2 kereta sedang berbaris di belakang Angel bersama satu motorsikal. Fuh.. fuh.. bernafas... Try lagi, adjust itu ini. Tayar dah terus flat! Fuh... fuh... bernafas.... Cemane ni! Huhuhuh T____T
Oh ti…

Rim Cap


Angel lost one of her rim cap. When, unknown. How, bigger unknown. There are three possible reasons according to my friends. 1. I was driving too fast - well, I did, but I would've notice it (maybe the audio was too loud, 'Aini!), 2. I drove Angel into a big crack - which I think ridiculous because I didn't recall any hideous incident (Ya ya ya :p) and 3. Somebody rip it off - erm, but why steal only ONE cap??

I hate to think that I might have to visit a car accessory shop or a car workshop to bargain a new cap or a SET of new caps. Ugh! And I don't need the whole set. What am I supposed to do with the remaining 3 caps anyway? Or is it worth to change the whole set? Nag, nag, nag... I can't believe that I am mostly bothered by the fact that Angel only lost one rim cap. I am sure guys out there are laughing to my silly complicated thoughts. Ok, just laugh :p

I know it's nothing and if I just push myself a little bit, I can do it. The truth is I hav…

Big Waves


Being a Melancholy I am naturally oversensitive to my environment - that is only a part of it. I used to think that I do have invisible antennas on top of my head - sensing and searching for the slightest change in the atmosphere. Hahaha. Ya, feel like a slimy alien :p I used to be expressive too - more expressive compare to me today. So you can guess how everything counts those days. Don’t messes up or you'll read it somewhere. Hahaha.

My advice to other Melancholy - do not, I re-emphasize: DO NOT write or say anything when you are in your most oversensitive moment. If you proceed to express what your think, you'd most probably regret it after all the hormones gone. Believe me. Just keep quiet and calm yourself until you can reason the options and possibilities. I do understand the urge to 'make the world a better place' and the feeling that you are 'responsible to make things right'. But darling, it's only us.

And please cut the 'sixth …



Even with all the screaming, I really love C.N Blue's version of Banmal Song. *Swoon!* I do agree, C.N Blue should release their version of Banmal Song. BOICEs are going to love it... so much! ^___^
This song sounds more romantic, sincere, more lovely, cuter and sweeter [the list really can grow more~] with all members singing it - I mean ALL! *blush!*
My heart skips a beat [or two] when listening to Yong Hwa’s version.
I got struck by lightning when Jong Hyun sings it.
I can't help but love this song more and more when Min Hyuk and Jung Shin also sing it!

BOICE Thailand - you are sooo lucky and I must say, you all rocks!
Note: I know for some of you, I am so childish for loving the song too much. I can’t help it! Hehehe ^___^ You see, it is hard to find a song [we couldn’t even understand without translation] that make us blush and gives us goose bump. When I found it, I don’t mind giving some space to the childish part of me to have her moment~


The Banmal Song


14th January 2011 - Banmal Song was released as C.N Blue's Jung Yong Hwa digital single. This song - renamed to "For First-Time Lover" - was firstly introduced through We Got Married in one of YongSeo's (Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun) couple segment.

I know I have good reasons for loving January! ^___^
Love the couple, love C.N Blue and of course lots of love for Jung Yong Hwa.

Enjoy the song.
It is full of love!

More on Banmal Song here and here.