Big Waves


Being a Melancholy I am naturally oversensitive to my environment - that is only a part of it. I used to think that I do have invisible antennas on top of my head - sensing and searching for the slightest change in the atmosphere. Hahaha. Ya, feel like a slimy alien :p I used to be expressive too - more expressive compare to me today. So you can guess how everything counts those days. Don’t messes up or you'll read it somewhere. Hahaha.

My advice to other Melancholy - do not, I re-emphasize: DO NOT write or say anything when you are in your most oversensitive moment. If you proceed to express what your think, you'd most probably regret it after all the hormones gone. Believe me. Just keep quiet and calm yourself until you can reason the options and possibilities. I do understand the urge to 'make the world a better place' and the feeling that you are 'responsible to make things right'. But darling, it's only us.

And please cut the 'sixth sense' and 'instinct' crap. People like us must learn to differentiate between sixth sense, instinct and the oversensitive flow. Emotions are good, but too much of it makes other people nauseas. I admit that sometime we were right - something did happen. But come on... Haven't we learned enough from the movie? Hahaha.

Some emotion and feeling are best to be kept to ourselves. If we still want to make things better, there's always more than one way to do it - spilling it like bullets is not a wise decision. We never meant to hurt anybody, but if we are aware that we are hurting others - of course we'd know that - maybe we need to do some reflection.

To any of you who happen to have a Melancholy in your network and he/she is a pain - well, please bear with us. Like I said, we mean no harm. We are just being ourselves - ouch a lame excuse :p. Hehehe. It's like big waves that hit us - not many of us can swim through that.

If you wonder how to stop the waves or how to ensure that you did not tickles the antenna - the answer is NOTHING. I am speaking for my self - I'd still be over sensitive no matter what you do. What makes a different is how a Melancholy handles the waves. BUT to put all the responsibility to the Melancholy is unfair. We all have responsibility to one another. One sided commitment won't work.

When I have big waves coming on my way:
1) I don't write - very, very dangerous. Even if I do, I'd try to write about something else.
2) I don't read, I don't watch shows with thick emotions - it will make things worse.
3) I'll keep silent - the best policy.

Note: I am surfing through the waves… Weeeeeee~



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