Even with all the screaming, I really love C.N Blue's version of Banmal Song. *Swoon!* I do agree, C.N Blue should release their version of Banmal Song. BOICEs are going to love it... so much! ^___^
This song sounds more romantic, sincere, more lovely, cuter and sweeter [the list really can grow more~] with all members singing it - I mean ALL! *blush!*
My heart skips a beat [or two] when listening to Yong Hwa’s version.
I got struck by lightning when Jong Hyun sings it.
I can't help but love this song more and more when Min Hyuk and Jung Shin also sing it!

BOICE Thailand - you are sooo lucky and I must say, you all rocks!
Note: I know for some of you, I am so childish for loving the song too much. I can’t help it! Hehehe ^___^ You see, it is hard to find a song [we couldn’t even understand without translation] that make us blush and gives us goose bump. When I found it, I don’t mind giving some space to the childish part of me to have her moment~



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