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How could you not know that you're falling for someone?
How could you not know that you have fallen for someone?
If you didn't know, then how would you fall?

I think it is merely a 'surprise' that you could fall in love with certain someone. Before that you don't know that you could fall in love with that person - given that he or she is totally out from your world - until your path intersect and you fall in love ^____^ Before that you don't know that you could love that someone, no matter what is the background...

Sometime we're too absorbed into our typical network and we believe that we would not fit with others. The truth is, we refuse to step out from our comfort zone and learn about others... And we are too afraid to open up ourselves. How would you know you'll never fit with someone you never talk or spend your time with...? It's almost not fair.

I am following Jung Yonghwa/Park Shinhye's latest drama "You've Fallen fo…

Food and Love


I don't know what will happen throughout the day, but a slice of cake and good songs (Korean dramas OST :p) makes a better Tuesday morning. As am eating the cake given by my co-worker, I realized that food might be the best way to express love, care, thought and appreciation... and everything nice, of course.

For me cooking is not only an act of mixing up the ingredients and make something edible out of the recipe. Anybody who can read and follow instruction (or lucky enough to get everything right) can make something edible -- I know I can. Hahaha. But foods have soul, won't you agree with me? Don't we all sometime miss or crave for particular food made by specific person...

I remember watching a drama/film on television about a chef. She is a bright and cheerful chef who cooks delicious food. But one day a guy break her heart and make her sad. Ironically, starting from that moment everything she cooked turn out to be disastrous -- as sad as her feeling.

If …



Her name is Nur Sumayyah Nur Imaan binti Tun Hafidzul Hakim. A mouthful, yes. It seems like she's trying to beat up Nurul Shuhada Nurul Ain :p Hahaha. She added up the joy to our family. We can't promise her wealth, we can't promise her fame, we can't promise that life would be easy on her. But one thing for sure, we would try our best to nourish her with all the love in the world, InshaAllah. May Sumayyah grow up to be the light as the Sumayyah...

When a friend asked whose baby is this, for a split second I wish I can say that she is mine ^_____^


by Hijjaz

Dalam diri selembut sutra
Kau miliki iman yang teguh
Kau nyalakan obor agama dirimu bak lentera
Dibelenggu jahiliah kau tempuh dengan berani
Walau pun jasadmu milik tuan
Tetapi hatimu milik Tuhan

Padang pasir menjadi saksi ketabahan keluarga itu
Tika suami dan anak dibaring mengadap mentari
Disuruh memilih iman atau kekufuran
Samar jahiliah atau sinaran akidah

Sabarlah keluarga Yasir
Bagimu syurg…

Welcome Baby Girl


Alhamdulillah, my sister in law, Isma, give birth to a lovely baby girl early this morning. I haven't got the chance to meet the princess, yet, but I know she's lovely ^____^ Well, we were expecting a baby boy, because the parents 'feel' like it, but Allah have better plan and He give them another baby girl. Boy or girl, she'll be loved dearly. Ya Allah, semoga bayi ini membesar menjadi Srikandi yang melestarikan agamaMU. Amiin~

I purposely postpone coming back to Penang yesterday, hoping that I can meet the baby. But I guess she really doesn't want to share her birthday with Harper Seven Beckham. So Mak Long needs to wait few days more. Sigh. I feel like driving back to Taiping this evening, but I am not feeling well. Thus, I have decided to get a proper rest and get well by this Friday. There's no point meeting a baby in this condition. I don't want her to get what I am having~



Being Grateful


"Don't be sad. You can't have everything."
Somehow, the phrase I wrote in my 2011 planner seems to speak the other way: "Be happiest for the smallest you have". That is to be grateful.

Times were spent to worry and we all know that most of the thing that falls in the worry list is unnecessary. We worry about family, friends, career, spouse, exs, past and future, life and death, etc. We use the 4W1H to almost everything - finding holes and gap, pointing to what's less and missing. Then, somewhere between the lines we find way to blame ourselves. Maybe we are not good enough, maybe we did not put much effort, and maybe we did it the wrong way, maybe and more maybe.

What is left in an ungrateful being?
An empty soul.