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How I Plan to Celebrate 1 July 2010


1) Wear the pink t-shirt with the pink scarf - it's been a while since I wear them.
2) Drink Nescafe the whole day - if appropriate.
3) Listen to "Tentang Seseorang" the whole day.
4) Eat Mi Bandung - at KLIA for more impact, for 1 July 2010 would be a simple Mi Bandung dish.
5) Watch "The Dark Knight" and "The Storm Warriors" - which is impossible because I don't own the DVDs.
6) Be at KLIA - obviously impossible.
7) To read what's remained to read and stay conscious and sane after that. (^_^)v

1 July 2010 is my 'supposed day'.
It just plans, it is just something stupid.
Just ignore this~

The Self I Want to Be VS The Woman I Want My Daughter to Be


It's a long title, it's raw from my mind and it's exactly what I think. It took me few days to figure it out. The nag that bothers me so much was indeed a battle between who I wanted to be versus the woman I wanted my daughter to be. [Yes, I am aware that 'daughter' is a big word...]

It's been tough and I feel sort of down the road. So I was thinking; oh whatever, I can't be okay all the time. I just want to sit down, quit doing everything, quit holding on and just cry my heart out and scream "life is suck!!!". I had this idea; I have been strong all this while and maybe it is okay to breakdown and cry now. When I'm done with all the crying part, then I'll be fine.

But on the contrary, if I were to write a handbook to my daughter, I'd want her to overcome all this feeling the soonest she can. I'd be cruel enough to forbid her from ever thinking about breaking down -- most probably by influencing that those negative th…

Punctuation Marks


[Background song: Yuki No Hana by Mika Nakashima]
[It was raining heavily outside]

June 2010 is the month where the most punctuation marks being used. When you are clarifying the happenings, punctuation marks help a lot. They help to differentiate several of emotion and they are very useful in making your explanation sounds more convincing. But be careful, you don't want to overuse it or misuse it; it can make things worse.

I hope I used the punctuation marks well. You'd be surprised how a comma (,) with a correct placing makes the story sounds better. Too many ellipses (...) would make the audience think deeper than they should -- you might want to use it less. The use of question mark (?) is good for provocation, but if you overused it, it makes you sound defensive. On the other hand, using quotation marks (‘ ’, “ ”) could provide the reference/support you need. What happened was a big event in my life. Even without using the exclamation mark (!), my audience ca…

You'll Always Be My Bella


Two more clips were revealed for Twilight Saga: Eclipse. One of it entitled 'You'll Always Be My Bella'. I was so moved by this clip; I converted it to MP3 and play it over and over again.

The clip captured a conversation scene between Bella and Edward on his concern on her becoming a vampire.

Edward: I know the consequences of the choice you're making. Sigh. I've live through it... and to let you suffer that...? You believe I have a soul, but I don't. But to risk yours just for the sake of never having to lose you, that's the most selfish thing I'll ever do.

Bella: I thought that you're afraid that I'd be too different, kinda like I won't be warm and smell the same.

Edward: Sigh. You'll always be my Bella.

This is so sweet!
What's not to like about Edward?

Why Edward Cullen?
He is a guy, loved by a girl so stoned by his love and would do anything for him -- including being a vampire -- but he never take advantage of that fac…

MV Rachel Corrie


As I am writing this, a colleague shared an SMS believed to be from someone on MV Rachel Corrie. The sender claimed that the Israelis are boarding the ship.

I've surf all possible sites, no news yet until this entry published.

Allah, o Most Compassionate. Please have compassion on MV Rachel Corrie and their mission. Allah o Most Merciful. We pray for your Mercy.

Silently, I pray that the SMS was a prank.
[09:41 SEA]


“Orang -orang yang beriman berperang di jalan Allah dan Orang yang kafir berperang di jalan thaghut, sebab itu perangilah kuncu-kuncu syaitan itu kerana sesungguhnya tipu daya syaitan itu adalah lemah.”
[An-Nisa' 4;76]


Amat kecewa terhadap serangan Israel ke atas kapal Mavi Marmara yang membawa aktivis bantuan ke Gaza. There are no words to express this cruelty and barbaric incident. Rasanya ada satu perjanjian yang telah dipersetujui yang melindungi kumpulan misi bantuan, pasukan perubatan, wartawan, wanita serta kanak-kanak. Isn't it??

There was not known reason for attacking that ship, though I know they will come out with an amazing justification we all have heard. It will be the same old facts -- the hospitals and schools were just covers for military facilities, even a passenger bus could suddenly carrying missile. Can I curse over those facts? Ugh!

Sampai bila kita nak biarkan dan tengok saja. Kuasa-kuasa besar dunia diharapkan dapat melihat ini sebagai man…