You'll Always Be My Bella


Two more clips were revealed for Twilight Saga: Eclipse. One of it entitled 'You'll Always Be My Bella'. I was so moved by this clip; I converted it to MP3 and play it over and over again.

The clip captured a conversation scene between Bella and Edward on his concern on her becoming a vampire.

Edward: I know the consequences of the choice you're making. Sigh. I've live through it... and to let you suffer that...? You believe I have a soul, but I don't. But to risk yours just for the sake of never having to lose you, that's the most selfish thing I'll ever do.

Bella: I thought that you're afraid that I'd be too different, kinda like I won't be warm and smell the same.

Edward: Sigh. You'll always be my Bella.

This is so sweet!
What's not to like about Edward?

Why Edward Cullen?
He is a guy, loved by a girl so stoned by his love and would do anything for him -- including being a vampire -- but he never take advantage of that fact for his own good. It's always about Bella, for Bella's sake and if he did anything with advantages on his side, he'll think that he is being selfish.

Too good to be truth?
Of course!

Impossible for any reality, but at least I am happy reading it. Maybe I will not have Edward in my reality, but Bella have him. That's enough :D

Pinch #1: The dialogue was uttered by Robert Pattinson and I am so not his fan.

Pinch #2: Edward Cullen is the most impossible thing ever, thus to have a sweet conversation like this is almost impossible.

Pinch #3: Even though I really wanted to change my name to Isabella Swan, I can't! [OK, this is too dramatic :p]



Azra said…
Ahaha! Yep! Too good to be true.
If only men can say such things.
But painfully, even the words came from the novel and it was written by a woman.
Sad sad fact huh?
'Aini said…
Hehehe. Your comment goes to Pinch #4.. That's a huge ouch! :D

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