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All adults were teenager, but not all teenagers are adult. Being a teenager is hard, believe me I know. You're not a kid, but not yet an adult. They way people treat you most of the time didn't help. I think that 'confusion' contribute to rebellious years and conflict in a teenager.

I had rebellious years as a teenager. I saw everything including the world going against me. If I had wings, I would have soared into another world. I have never feel angst and frustration more in my life other that time. Teenage years is short, it ends before you realized it. But that short period of time determine what kind of adult you'll become.

Not many teenagers want to stay on the other side of the line - being a kid - most of teenager want to get out of the cocoon and became an adult. You think being an adult is that cool, isn't??!! Sigh. The adrenaline and desire motivate teenagers to do sort of things to gain that adult status.

And I always have problem - huge…

Who I Am


It's Friday and it is a norm to share something good and religious - and today is Zain Bhikha's day. It all started with "First We Need the Love" feat. Zain’s 17 years old son. That's when I notice this song. Entitle "Who I Am"; this song celebrates each person's individuality and expression. I feel like crying watching the MV, especially knowing the part that it was shot at District Six area.

I believe that it is everybody's right to choose their personality. I got to choose to be who I am - a perfectionist - so does others - they have rights to be less perfect. It would be unfair if we see other personality as not as good as ours. But it would be irresponsible to practice, to stay and to promote the opposite quality due to the tolerance.

Be who we want to be.
Be just yourself.
But among all, choose to be the one Allah loves.
May one day we can say:
This is who I am, this is me
Nothing, everything, can’t you see
Who I am, just let me be

April to May

Assalamualaikum,These past few weeks have been tough on me. The word "maximizing" truly feels significant to me. I have so many things to say, but it is hard even to put it into words.Let's wrap up!
365 DaysIt was a TOUCHDOWN!To forget the date would be a blessing but to pretend not to notice felt too ridiculous to me. After all, this is an important event :p It was a tough time for me and to survive Rihanna's "Take a Bow", Hilary Duff's "So Yesterday" and Jewel's "Stronger Woman" sounds like something worth to celebrate. I was all excited, only to found out that others don't seem to share the same excitement. The response was rather gloomy and full of hesitation. What made it worse; they thought I am still holding on to the past. Sigh. It was a major disappointment on a very important day. I thought I would receive congratulations for being strong throughout the seasons. I can't blame them especially when I am the one who…