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I don't know which is worst - believing you are not pretty or to have nobody telling you that you are pretty.

Fly FM Morning Rock Crew fixed a guy's problem last Friday morning - his girlfriend is addicted to KPop and obsessed with plastic surgery. I was wondering if she is really not pretty when Hafiz pokes her background bubble. She sobbed to the question before finally admitting that she had rough childhood. There was not much love and no one ever told her that she is pretty. So she is not necessarily lack in anything.
I grew up believing I am fat and not pretty - I said [shout] to my radio. My cousins planted that idea in my mind. In my past, I wore L size garments; because that is the size I see myself through other people's eyes (There was one time when I chose a XXL t-shirt for a jamboree event). I actually believed that until early 20s. Then I started to gain my consciousness and confident bit by bit. I am not Miss Universe-ly pretty, but I am just as fair as any …

Betrayal Cuts Deep

  Betrayal cuts deep; it leaves ugly scar that would never fade. Be-tra-yal: even the sound of it feels like paper cut.
When the shoes were put on to my feet, I don't know how to walk it. I was petrified. The runaway vanished before my eyes. The shoes sank me deep into the darkness. I am the kind who has the what-I-will-do-if-it-happen-to-me list. Funny when it bumped into me, it knocks me down so hard to the ground; I can't stand up to fight back. I remain on the ground throughout the stages of grief.
I finally tossed the shoes into the trash, but it is still there. The numbness, the pain, the hatred, I will always have the ugly scar.
That is my story when I was betrayed by my partner in commitment. So when I received the grieving news from someone close to me, that she is betrayed by her husband, it hits my yet-to-heal ugly scar. I would not dare to put myself in her shoes, because it would be more painful. I lost everything back then when a guy betrayed me; she's betraye…

Cinta Kami Kepada Muhammad SAW Lebih Marak


Api benci kamu marak.
Setiap kewujudan kami ingin sekali membalasnya. Dengan darah dan dengan nyawa.
Tapi api cinta kami kepada Baginda Rasulullah lebih membakar. Tapi keinginan Rasul kami andai Baginda masih di sisi kami lebih utama. Tapi keinginan kami mencontohi akhlak Rasul yang kami rindui ketika berhadapan dengan manusia seperti kamu lebih mendalam.
Api cinta kami kepada Baginda Rasulullah Muhammad bin Abdullah lebih membakar. Itulah yang kamu tidak fahami dan itulah yang kamu geruni.
Islam tidak mengajar kami untuk membenci, menghina dan menghasut. Tapi Islam melalui Rasul yang kami cintai mengajar kami untuk membalas kejahatan dengan kebaikan. Dan Islam melalui Rasul yang kami cintai mengajar kami erti dan nilai; meletakkan iman dalam kemarahan dan perjuangan.
Justeru diam kami bukan kemenangan bagi kamu. Api yang kamu percikkan hanyalah kesusahan untuk kamu dihari kemudian. Api yang kamu percikkan sekadar katalis kepada api perjuangan yang tidak pernah padam.
Amarah k…