Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - and the Irony


I am not going to story-tell this movie, please Google it.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was not in my movie list. It was mostly because Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince Dastan) doesn't make a handsome and charming prince in the trailer. He's a face, yes. But that's all. Secondly, I think the title was too typical and obviously designed to lure girls' attention. I had this feeling of being a typical girl if I fall for it and watch it. Though, I am not that cruel; my best stars would come from the fact that this film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, I could at least expect the cinematography to be as good as Pirates of the Caribbean.

But I watched it and I am glad I did!

The first thing I notice was that Gemma Arterton (Princess Tamina) look astounding in the theatrical poster. In addition, her voice is very special. Overall, Prince of Persia is a successfull movie. I can say that the script was well written, the cinematography was as I expected and the locations were breath taking. The British accent was definitely a bonus. What's not to like about Prince of Persia.

This movie pumped your adrenaline and captured your attention from the beginning until the end. The introduction of King Sharaman's empire was brief and sufficient. The detail was enough to tell the audience what we need to know to get the general picture of it. The language was easy to understand, not a tale that full of strange words and more riddles you can't understand. Some might say that since the movie is straight forward, it offers less action. I'd say, have your thought. I find the action more than just find and since it is a straight forward storyline, I enjoy each fights, jumps and escapes.


Here's the catch; Dastan, as I mention earlier, was not that charming in the trailer. Even when he climbed the Alamut's eastern wall, all I can say was: "oh that was cool". But the bunjee jump changed my perception -- he's the one! Dastan was not introduced grandly in this movie. He was just a boy living on the street that somehow caught King Sharaman's attention and crowned the third prince -- "no royal blood and no eye for the throne." Not even once Dastan pictured living a luxury life. He remianed as the street boy, jumping and climbing actively for his life. I can't remember seeing a more active prince than Dastan. He made my day.

Perfect Ending

I was ready to hate littlest part of the movie when Dastan let go Princess Tamina's hand. It is frustrated! [It opened a personal wound in my heart...] Silently, I cursed the tragic 'ending'. Why good people like Dastan and Princess Tamina can't have happy ending? Is it really that bad to give a happy ending to a sweet love? [OK, I was too emotional :p] I did not pay much attention on the fight between Dastan and Nizam. When the time started to go backward, I really don't know what to expect. I was ready to feel sad with Dastan. [Which I can do best right now] Oh hey, Dastan is back on the day they entered Alamut!

That means Dastan knows everything and have one more chance to make thing right. Oh that was a total relief. A perfect ending. Nobody die, no harm done. The most important part was that Dastan got to marry Princess Tamina.


It's all about time and another chance to set thing right, darling. Everybody wants a second chance. Everybody wants a good ending, a happy ending. I know I did. As far as I accept my fate, I couldn't escape the urge of having the past in my personal hourglass. There were moments I would die to change and I know would make significant difference. It is a ridiculous dream and wasted wish. Oh well, everything happen for a reason. I can't turn back time, but at least Dastan got his happy ending :D Mine, InsyaAllah, is on the way...


1) There was only one kiss in this movie.
2) Dastan reminded me of Abu Hassan Penchuri or Aladdin. Wiki this, and you'll find that his character was inspired by Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves of Baghdad from One Thousand and One Nights.
3) I totally forgot about astounding Princess Tamina :D
4) This movie did not receive good review, so far... But I like it.
5) Going to watch it again.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nota: Melawan Kesepian


Apa yang berlaku dah pun berlaku. Tidak ada istilah, anggaplah semua ini tidak pernah berlaku. Hidup dalam kontinuum realiti ni memang menyakitkan. But do we have other choice? We have to move on. Promises were just words. Memories were just acts captured in time. We are only human; we can't expect everything to turn out as we believe it can be. This is really happening, not scenes written in novels or dramas. Wounds required time to heal. Walaupun luka dah sembuh, parut mungkin akan kelihatan. You know, in medical practice when a body brought in with too severe injury, the doctors would stop all medication and leave the body to heal herself. Let it go.

Nanti kita kan tahu
Betapa bijaknya hidup
Sepahit apapun ini
Pelajaran yang bererti
Semoga kepergianmu
Tak akan merubah apapun
Semoga mampu kulawan
Apapun yang terjadi
Berjalanlah tanpa henti

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hal Dunia


Siapa yang tak sedih kalau pelbagai perkara terjadi dalam kehidupan. Tambahan pula bila melibatkan rasa tertipu. Kata ego, pantang datuk nenek. Marah, kecewa, menyesal, geram. Dah macam rojak yang ada segalanya. Kalau ikutkan hati, mahu aku menangis sepanjang hari. Kalau ikutkan marah, mahu aku menghancurkan hidup orang tersebut. Kalau ikutkan kecewa, mahu aku putus asa dengan kehidupan.

Tapi menangislah macam mana pun, perkara dah berlaku. Walau apa pun yang aku buat untuk menghukum, tak mengubah apa-apa. Lebih teruk kalau aku sampai putus asa sedangkan hidup ini masih panjang. Hari ni menangis, esok tetap menangis. Hari ni aku balas dendam, esok api masih tak padam. Semua ni bisik-bisik syaitan...

Ini hal dunia. Hal dunia yang memang jelas sementara. Memang la rasa sakit, pedih dan perit. Aku tak nafikan... Tapi, ini hal dunia...

Dalam tangis dan sedu sedan sampai bengkak mata, aku terfikir... Aku membaca mengenai Fatimah Az-Zahra, 'Aishah, Khadijah, Asiyah, Sumaiyyah, Rabiatul Adawiyah, Maryam, Atiqah... Wanita-wanita terpuji dalam Islam tersebut, tak ada yang menangis kerana hal dunia. Jauh sekali menangis kerana lelaki. Padahal hidup wanita-wanita ini jauh lebih mencabar jika dibandingkan dengan hidup aku. Mereka menangis, tapi bukan kerana hal dunia.

Aku jadi malu. Banyak membaca, tapi keperibadian mereka langsung aku tak ambil sebagai iktibar. Allahhu Akbar... Astaghfirullah... Subhanallah...

Tak mengapa. Ini hal dunia. Semoga Allah mengasihani aku dan tetapkan hati aku supaya tidak mencintai dunia.. Semoga Allah jadikan hati aku hati yang redha dengan Qada' dan QadarNya. Aku pun hanya hamba. Tak ada satu pun di atas dunia ni milik aku.

Sungguh bukan hak aku untuk menghukum atau menyusahkan hidup sesiapa. Hukuman Allah lebih berat dan dasyat. Berbahagialah, doaku. Aku juga tak layak untuk tidak memaafkan... sedang Allah itu Maha Pengampun. Aku maafkan semua. Bertaubatlah dan hiduplah dengan baik.

[ Ya, dunia ni memang ada saja yang kita nak sedihkan. Tapi daripada sedih untuk perkara tak berfaedah, baik sedih untuk perkara yang memang perlu kita sedih. Contohnya, bila kita baca pasal saat akhir Rasulullah dan sedar akan keadaan Ummah sekarang ni. Ataupun bila kita tau hakikat Muslimah di tempat lain yang hampir mati untuk bertudung.
Betul tak?

Semoga Allah selamatkan aku daripada perasaan riak.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kamu Marah?

Daripada Abu Hurairah RA bahawasanya seorang lelaki berkata kepada Nabi SAW "Berwasiatlah kepadaku," Lalu Nabi SAW menjawab: "Janganlah engkau menjadi seorang yang pemarah." Orang itu mengulangi permintaan beberapa kali, Nabi SAW menjawab:"Janganlah engkau menjadi seorang yang pemarah." (Riwayat al-Bukhari)


Allahhu Akbar

Walaupun betul untuk marah, tak semestinya perlu marah.
Walaupun aku mahu marah, tapi ada kemarahan yang lebih dasyat daripada kemarahanku.

Semoga Allah selamatkan aku daripada kemarahan yang berpunca daripada bisikan syaitan yang direjam. Semoga Allah pelihara aib dan akhlakku. Semoga Allah selamatkan daripada khayalan dunia yang sementara.

Allah itu Maha Penyayang, Maha Adil. Biarlah hati berdarah di dunia… Yakinlah balasan akan balasan Allah…


Monday, May 24, 2010

Runway - Final Walk


Background music: Pachelbel's Canon

44 seconds and I finally reach the end of the runway. When I took the first step, the runway seems like a long journey. It even terrified me. But now, this is it... This is my final moment on this runway.

I stopped and let the seconds caresses me. I let the melody of Pachelbel's Canon to dance around me. I closed my eyes and said softly: this is the melody I heard when I fell in love, and now she's going to play her melody and witness my final walk.

A good runway model could walk in any dress and in any high heels, on any runway. I might have stumbled once or twice. But I'll learn and I'll be better. Apart from that, I know I did my walk beyond every expectation. I did it.

I opened my eyes and see faces I love. The halo in their eyes set my soul free. I know no matter which row they are, they'll always be there for me. Their love radiates from them and warmth the air. It tells me that I already have the world.

[I think I saw him smiling at me before walking away with her. He never came closer to the runway, as I wished. I sent him away with my eyes and with my heart. Thank you, I wave.]

Flower petals fall from above. They landed on my clothes and on my open palms. These petals, they were like love that touches me. Though not a bouquet, they were still flowers. One day, [InsyaAllah] I'll receive my own bouquet.

This is my final pose.
This is me.

It was endurance that made a diamond.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Crossing Over


Nobody can hurt you more than yourself.

Today, I finally have to admit to myself: Haffizzatul 'Aini Aton, no matter how strong you've been you’re just flesh and bloods. Now stop hurting yourself and cross over.

I am going to leave all unpleasant events behind me; I'll leave them at the other side of the world. I am looking forward to bottle up all of it and throw it into the sea. Totally so yesterday!

Hey, it's nothing personal. You know how I love winning.
If I'm going to have bruise on my heart, it will be from me, definitely not from you.

*flying kiss*


Monday, May 10, 2010

Expecting Eclipse


I do not have proper introduction for this entry. All I have in mind was so typical; "July please come faster" kind of stuff. Though the publicity of the 3rd book -- Eclipse -- not as burning-hot as New Moon, waiting make me claustrophobic! Eclipse is in the air. I already re-reading Eclipse few weeks back, to take into the mood. Ok, I sleep with it too :p

I favor Eclipse out of all four books. This is my book, my bedtime story as I said. I can read it over and over again and I somehow could memorize it well. My first and most favorite quote from Eclipse was: "I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart — I’ve left it with you." I am so looking forward to see this note on Bella's pillow, or it could be better if they made it Edward's dialogue. Swoon~

There's not much to expect from this entry as it will only contains my expectations toward the movie and what I'd like to see -- pretty much everything from the book itself! But I' have selected few scenes that I think crucial to be in the movie.

On top of my list is... the proposal scene! [Like you can't guess]
"Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever. Will you marry me?". There, that's the sweetest wedding proposal ever. I foresee loud yeses in the cinema hall during the scene, one of them will be me.
*This scene including the pre-proposal conversation. I think the conversation was so cute*

The wedding ring and wedding dress.
The wedding ring is no longer a surprise. The trailers have revealed the best design that most resembled Stephanie's description. It is fine by me -- it looked old enough to be owned by Elizabeth Masen, and pretty. Now left the wedding dress. Oh I can't wait to see it. I purposely prevent my mind from having any idea about the design. I want it to be a real surprise. 10 designs were discussed last years, but that did not ruin anything.

Edward - Jacob argument after Bella broke her hand. [I'm not interested to mention how she broke her hand...]
One of Edward's best moments. For me Edward was so human during the scene. He was just a protective and jealous boy. And I love that Edward sees Bella as perfect even though readers / fans might see the opposite.
"But if you ever bring her back damaged again — and I don’t care whose fault it is; I don’t care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head — if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?"

Edward's bed. One of the still picture releases last week revealed the golden cover bed. It is golden, ok. But I failed to see the intricate roses and it doesn’t seem to be at the center of the room. Hmm...

Jasper's story.
I am excited to meet the human Jasper. He was a gentleman, a charismatic and influential gentleman. And there's something in his story. All this while everybody thinks Jasper only influence people's feeling, but in this chapter Jasper shares that he can also feel the emotions of people around him. Thus, he was trapped with the final emotions of its prey. That was devastating. And I am so looking forward to see the scene when Jasper first meets Alice. It would be so lovely.

Bella - Edward visiting Renee.
I'd really like to see what Renee saw in between them.
"There’s something… strange about the way you two are together. The way he watches you — it’s so… protective. Like he’s about to throw himself in front of a bullet to save you or something ... The way you move — you orient yourself around him without even thinking about it. When he moves, even a little bit, you adjust your position at the same time. Like magnets… or gravity. You’re like a… satellite, or something."


I have high expectation in Eclipse compare to New Moon [NM was not my favorite, it's too sad...]. But as high as I fly, it would not go off the sky. Novel adaptation can be very disappointing and I don't want to ruin everything.

Oh. And I hope they would cut the Bella-Jacob kissing scene the shortest!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Mother's Day


This coming 9th May 2010 is another Mother's Day. This is another Mother's Day, without Mak. Just another day, just another Sunday.

I promised to buy Mak a set of curtains for our home on her final Mother's Day -- for Hari Raya. But somehow it was too late and no tailor would accept anymore curtains that year. So we celebrated Hari Raya with the old curtains, the one Mak love best.

We still use that curtains untill today. Is it because of the nostalgia it holds? Maybe... I have raised a suggestion for new curtains this year.

Another Mother's Day without Mak.
The first Mother's Day for Mama.

Iklan Sengal


Akhir-akhir ni semakin banyak iklan-iklan sengal di television mahupun radio. Macam cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan pulak, padahal sekarang hujan pun dah jarang turun. Lebih sesuai di panggil wabak kot. Kata syarikat iklan, mereka buat iklan untuk tarik minat kumpulan sasaran. Jadi kalau iklan bergaya sengal, maksudnya kumpulan sasaran tu pun terdiri daripada manusia-manusia yang sengal lah yer?

Dua iklan yang memang tak bley blah adalah iklan Lurve dan Jack 'n Jill Roller Coaster. Ada bau lucah dan poyo di situ. Rasa ingin saman -- nombor satu adalah yang empunya idea, nombor 2 pula tenaga produksi -- atas sebab mengganggu kedamaian fikiran. It’s considered as harassment!

Kepada yang mengambil perhatian, akan perasan yang iklan-iklan berunsur lucah adalah pendekatan terkini [ayat skema di situ...] Pernah tengok iklan Rejoice yang bukan untuk keluaran Malaysia... sangat tidak sensitif. Touchy touchy gtew! Tapi tak yah heran la kerana iklan tu disiarkan di negara yang agama rasminya bukan Islam.

Jadi Malaysia ni apa hal??
Dah nak bergerak ke arah tu juga ke? Kata runsing dengan gejala sosial yang asyik naik tapi tak turun-turun saban tahun. Kalau dah pasang radio, pasang television terdedah dengan iklan-iklan sengal macam ni, macam mana jiwa yang suci tu nak berkembang. Minda tak sempat nak menjana perkara baik, berlambak-lambak perkara nakal untuk difikirkan.

Readers sekelian, fikir-fikirlah. Anak-anak, adik-adik kita terdedah kepada enviroment yang macam mana. Walaupun ada mulut-mulut [yang sengal jugak kot] kata "ala kecoh la.. iklan je pon, nothing personal, it's business". A'ah memang nak bikin kecoh pon. Mula-mula iklan la. Takkan nak tunggu terlambat baru nak terhegeh-hegeh turun naik dewan.

Ada tak yang tak pernah tonton iklan-iklan ni?Selamat menonton!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Some might say I am making a fool out of myself. The worst would say that I am selling my story to the public for sympathy or revenge or revealing all the dirty laundry from its basket. Well, go on. You can have all the vocabulary.

Sharing helps me to stay on the ground. When I share what's happening in my life, I learn to calm down and accept the event. I need another person to know that this is happening to me. This might sound crazy, but I must be sure that the going on not just in my head and that it is real. You can laugh; but accept this fact -- we never know when our mind will get bizarrely out of its logic :p

Conversely, do keep a bit of yourself. Share only what is appropriate. There are good reasons for wearing clothes.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010



"With great power comes great responsibility".

When I arrived at office this morning, I was greeted by above phrase from 3 friends -- two on Facebook status and the other from a blog. The first friend [most probably] referring to what's happening in his life, the second one would be referring to her profession as a doctor and the third one quote this phrase in his entry regarding relationship.

I've heard if this phrase and I agree with it -- I always do.

I always see 'power' similar to velocity. The higher the velocity, the more you have to focus on where you are heading, and the more control you have to put on the wheel. At the same time, it also increases the probability of being steered out of the way. When you are moving in high speed, you become more vulnerable.

With great power comes great responsibility.
The phrase itself is a balance representation. 'Great power' and 'great responsibility'. Nothing more or less. And, the most important thing is when you know you have great power then you'll realized that you are going to have great responsibility. Not necessarily great, with power comes responsibility. So, if you are allergic to responsibility, please avoid a dose of power.

Is it a gift or is it a curse?
It depends individually. What is 'power' and what is 'responsibility' in your life would be vary in others. Thus define differently. Be it a gift or a curse, everything has its price. It keeps the world balance.

Be careful of what you are whishing for.
Utilize wisely what you have.
Be responsible.
Keep your promise.
Be grateful because He is Wise. Think about that.

Week’s Wrap Up


1st Drive
Alhamdulillah, I did it! It's an achievement. I manage to drive [safely] to and back from work the whole week and... I drove Penang-Taiping-Penang [safely, too]. Few years back who would believe I can drive; even I doubt it. Well, though Angel got scrathed on her first day to work and one honking incident plus few silly mistakes, everything went pretty well than I expected. I hate Abah's passion to speed, but I guess I inherited the passion too. Hahaha. It is hard to obey speed limit, especially those 60 km/h and below. Gosh! Add up to the passion part, I met two accidents on my journey. One on my way to Taiping, the second one while driving back to Penang. A tangible reminder before my eyes.

Abah managed to ‘influence’ me to get Angel a spoiler. His idea, my money. Haha. So I got her a spoiler. The second hardest part after the money was to see her being drilled for the spoiler. I could have had a heart attack. I was anxious; like a parent watching her daughter on a dentist bench. At the same time, my lovely bro Hadi was describing how a car being modified [specifically by Mr. Hong Yip, a well known Taiping's car workshop owner]. They were cutting the car's body! That's it. I won't let anyone talked me to modify Angel, no more.

Personal Pandora's Box
I brought back a bag of unwanted stuff from Penang. Guess what, the bag added up into neatly arranged boxes of my stuff. Those boxes not only stored stuff, they also preserve memories. I am a memory keeper who dreams of sitting in my older age, remembering those frozen memories. The memory I kept, they were rainbows and flower petals; the kind of memory I'd want to keep on remember for all my life. But last Saturday doesn't feel alright. I feel like the rainbows and flower petals somewhat too much for me. Is it time for a cleanup, yet?

Healthier, Calmer and Better Me
Alhamdulillah, O Most Compassionate for Your Compassion towards me.
It is hard, but it only will make me stronger.

Words That Lingers...
It's a part of a lyric of a song entitle "Blessed" by Fady Maalouf... You should listen to this lovely song.

"I love you more than words can say, I love you, there's no other way."