"With great power comes great responsibility".

When I arrived at office this morning, I was greeted by above phrase from 3 friends -- two on Facebook status and the other from a blog. The first friend [most probably] referring to what's happening in his life, the second one would be referring to her profession as a doctor and the third one quote this phrase in his entry regarding relationship.

I've heard if this phrase and I agree with it -- I always do.

I always see 'power' similar to velocity. The higher the velocity, the more you have to focus on where you are heading, and the more control you have to put on the wheel. At the same time, it also increases the probability of being steered out of the way. When you are moving in high speed, you become more vulnerable.

With great power comes great responsibility.
The phrase itself is a balance representation. 'Great power' and 'great responsibility'. Nothing more or less. And, the most important thing is when you know you have great power then you'll realized that you are going to have great responsibility. Not necessarily great, with power comes responsibility. So, if you are allergic to responsibility, please avoid a dose of power.

Is it a gift or is it a curse?
It depends individually. What is 'power' and what is 'responsibility' in your life would be vary in others. Thus define differently. Be it a gift or a curse, everything has its price. It keeps the world balance.

Be careful of what you are whishing for.
Utilize wisely what you have.
Be responsible.
Keep your promise.
Be grateful because He is Wise. Think about that.

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'Aini said…
errr.. who doesn't :D hehe

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