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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - and the Irony


I am not going to story-tell this movie, please Google it.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was not in my movie list. It was mostly because Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince Dastan) doesn't make a handsome and charming prince in the trailer. He's a face, yes. But that's all. Secondly, I think the title was too typical and obviously designed to lure girls' attention. I had this feeling of being a typical girl if I fall for it and watch it. Though, I am not that cruel; my best stars would come from the fact that this film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, I could at least expect the cinematography to be as good as Pirates of the Caribbean.

But I watched it and I am glad I did!

The first thing I notice was that Gemma Arterton (Princess Tamina) look astounding in the theatrical poster. In addition, her voice is very special. Overall, Prince of Persia is a successfull movie. I can say that the script was well written, the cinematography was as I expected and the locations were breath taking. The British accent was definitely a bonus. What's not to like about Prince of Persia.

This movie pumped your adrenaline and captured your attention from the beginning until the end. The introduction of King Sharaman's empire was brief and sufficient. The detail was enough to tell the audience what we need to know to get the general picture of it. The language was easy to understand, not a tale that full of strange words and more riddles you can't understand. Some might say that since the movie is straight forward, it offers less action. I'd say, have your thought. I find the action more than just find and since it is a straight forward storyline, I enjoy each fights, jumps and escapes.


Here's the catch; Dastan, as I mention earlier, was not that charming in the trailer. Even when he climbed the Alamut's eastern wall, all I can say was: "oh that was cool". But the bunjee jump changed my perception -- he's the one! Dastan was not introduced grandly in this movie. He was just a boy living on the street that somehow caught King Sharaman's attention and crowned the third prince -- "no royal blood and no eye for the throne." Not even once Dastan pictured living a luxury life. He remianed as the street boy, jumping and climbing actively for his life. I can't remember seeing a more active prince than Dastan. He made my day.

Perfect Ending

I was ready to hate littlest part of the movie when Dastan let go Princess Tamina's hand. It is frustrated! [It opened a personal wound in my heart...] Silently, I cursed the tragic 'ending'. Why good people like Dastan and Princess Tamina can't have happy ending? Is it really that bad to give a happy ending to a sweet love? [OK, I was too emotional :p] I did not pay much attention on the fight between Dastan and Nizam. When the time started to go backward, I really don't know what to expect. I was ready to feel sad with Dastan. [Which I can do best right now] Oh hey, Dastan is back on the day they entered Alamut!

That means Dastan knows everything and have one more chance to make thing right. Oh that was a total relief. A perfect ending. Nobody die, no harm done. The most important part was that Dastan got to marry Princess Tamina.


It's all about time and another chance to set thing right, darling. Everybody wants a second chance. Everybody wants a good ending, a happy ending. I know I did. As far as I accept my fate, I couldn't escape the urge of having the past in my personal hourglass. There were moments I would die to change and I know would make significant difference. It is a ridiculous dream and wasted wish. Oh well, everything happen for a reason. I can't turn back time, but at least Dastan got his happy ending :D Mine, InsyaAllah, is on the way...


1) There was only one kiss in this movie.
2) Dastan reminded me of Abu Hassan Penchuri or Aladdin. Wiki this, and you'll find that his character was inspired by Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves of Baghdad from One Thousand and One Nights.
3) I totally forgot about astounding Princess Tamina :D
4) This movie did not receive good review, so far... But I like it.
5) Going to watch it again.


huh? prince of persia does not only designed to lure girls' attention i think. the movie is also inspired from the famous game also called prince of persia back when i was a teenager... so, when i first saw the poster, all i could think is this movie was intended to capture the attention of boys and gamers.. heheh ;)

so, dont worry. u r not fall in the type of typical girl.. :p
'Aini said…
hehehehhe. tht was my first impression. i am not a gamer, so i didn't know tht the movie was inspired by a famous game :D
Azra said…
Yep! Don't worry. You're not the easy-to-fall type. It's not romance movie and like the above comment, it was made to attract the gamers.
I used to play Prince of Persia and I'm hoping the movie can reach the standard of the game. And i think that is the reason why the movie didn't get good reviews. Not because it was not good, but because the gamers were expecting more. You
'Aini said…
Hehehe.. Oh well, I can understand the expectation part. I'm looking fwd to read review from one of the gamers. Me, not a gamer, love the movie... and Dastan :D

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