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Week’s Wrap Up


1st Drive
Alhamdulillah, I did it! It's an achievement. I manage to drive [safely] to and back from work the whole week and... I drove Penang-Taiping-Penang [safely, too]. Few years back who would believe I can drive; even I doubt it. Well, though Angel got scrathed on her first day to work and one honking incident plus few silly mistakes, everything went pretty well than I expected. I hate Abah's passion to speed, but I guess I inherited the passion too. Hahaha. It is hard to obey speed limit, especially those 60 km/h and below. Gosh! Add up to the passion part, I met two accidents on my journey. One on my way to Taiping, the second one while driving back to Penang. A tangible reminder before my eyes.

Abah managed to ‘influence’ me to get Angel a spoiler. His idea, my money. Haha. So I got her a spoiler. The second hardest part after the money was to see her being drilled for the spoiler. I could have had a heart attack. I was anxious; like a parent watching her daughter on a dentist bench. At the same time, my lovely bro Hadi was describing how a car being modified [specifically by Mr. Hong Yip, a well known Taiping's car workshop owner]. They were cutting the car's body! That's it. I won't let anyone talked me to modify Angel, no more.

Personal Pandora's Box
I brought back a bag of unwanted stuff from Penang. Guess what, the bag added up into neatly arranged boxes of my stuff. Those boxes not only stored stuff, they also preserve memories. I am a memory keeper who dreams of sitting in my older age, remembering those frozen memories. The memory I kept, they were rainbows and flower petals; the kind of memory I'd want to keep on remember for all my life. But last Saturday doesn't feel alright. I feel like the rainbows and flower petals somewhat too much for me. Is it time for a cleanup, yet?

Healthier, Calmer and Better Me
Alhamdulillah, O Most Compassionate for Your Compassion towards me.
It is hard, but it only will make me stronger.

Words That Lingers...
It's a part of a lyric of a song entitle "Blessed" by Fady Maalouf... You should listen to this lovely song.

"I love you more than words can say, I love you, there's no other way."



Leesa.Maz said…
Angel ek? my bro used to call his old Kancil his Baby Ferrari..hahhaha...I wonder what I would call mine if I had a car.. :D
'Aini said…
Baby Ferrari? Wow! :D Mulanya nk namakan Edward.. Tp rs tak sggp lak sbb nnt nk letak bekas tisu yg gegirl :P so jd lah Angel~
KC aka Fadli said…
Hopefully Anggel does not turn into The Fallen Angel after getting a spoiler
'Aini said…
Luckily she's still a lovely Angel :D

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