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Runway - Final Walk


Background music: Pachelbel's Canon

44 seconds and I finally reach the end of the runway. When I took the first step, the runway seems like a long journey. It even terrified me. But now, this is it... This is my final moment on this runway.

I stopped and let the seconds caresses me. I let the melody of Pachelbel's Canon to dance around me. I closed my eyes and said softly: this is the melody I heard when I fell in love, and now she's going to play her melody and witness my final walk.

A good runway model could walk in any dress and in any high heels, on any runway. I might have stumbled once or twice. But I'll learn and I'll be better. Apart from that, I know I did my walk beyond every expectation. I did it.

I opened my eyes and see faces I love. The halo in their eyes set my soul free. I know no matter which row they are, they'll always be there for me. Their love radiates from them and warmth the air. It tells me that I already have the world.

[I think I saw him smiling at me before walking away with her. He never came closer to the runway, as I wished. I sent him away with my eyes and with my heart. Thank you, I wave.]

Flower petals fall from above. They landed on my clothes and on my open palms. These petals, they were like love that touches me. Though not a bouquet, they were still flowers. One day, [InsyaAllah] I'll receive my own bouquet.

This is my final pose.
This is me.

It was endurance that made a diamond.


is there anything significant about the 44 second thing?
'Aini said…
yes, it's something so significant.

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