Monday, October 31, 2011

Another End


"When we don’t get what we want, always remember that we ALWAYS get what we NEED."

31st October 2011, the last day of Q4'11. The end of one busy and hectic quarter - it's the end of FY'11. Pheww!

Finally done with the White Belt project - successfully submitted! This is the first time I really work on the slides and I am proud of myself ^____^ I'd like to thank Puan Lili for giving me the opportunity to join this project and for trusting me to do the documentation. And special thank to Hajjah Latifah for her guidance and patience - without her, we would be floating in a wide ocean ;) hehehe~ What we need is just one chance.

"Take the Opportunity!"
Yes, what we need is just one chance - to see and to show what we can do. I was given a fair opportunity and I am glad that I took it. This is the time to ask: If I could, would I do it my best?

As my diary run out of pages, I bought a new one. I feel almost impatient to start writing in the new diary. I thought, if only life is as easy as that - when all you have is a melodrama, stop it, burn it and begin with new story. If only. Running away did not solve anything. Sooner or later we will have to face it. Why wait if you can get it done now? Maybe you need some space - to breathe or incubate the problem. But don't make it forever. The more you wait, the more you're losing your luck.
Starting a new diary (or tearing off the pages) will not undo what had happened. What's written is written. What's been said has been said. Be reasonable and don't lose your marble. The events in our life have the ability to change who we are. And the only thing life should do is to make us be a better and stronger person... not the opposite. Good times will come and go. Hard times will come to an end. If you can be patient, you'll see that you can make it through. No matter how hard, no matter how hopeless.

It's already end of October. 2 months more before 2012. 2 more months being a 28 year old pretty woman :P This year feel long yet time move so fast.
It's a good thing when you feel time move faster around you. That mean you have utilized every second you have. I like it that way. Not that I dislike having extra time. It's not how much time you have, but how you spent it. Extra time is still useless if it is waste on something unworthy. Being busy is good. Being too busy, on the other hand, is bad for your health. It is weird, but being busy most of the time is a blessing for me. When I am busy with real stuff, I don't have time to spend worrying un-real stuff. Get the point? ^_____^ Hehehe.

"The broken clock is a comfort
It helps me sleep tonight
Maybe it can stop tomorrow
From stealing all my time
I am here still waiting
Though I still have my doubts
I am damaged at best
Like you've already figured out"

xoxo, take care.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Words Words Words

"And words are all I have
To take you heart away...."


Say what you mean and mean what you say. That is my policy. I feel that it is a waste of breath to say something you never mean and I do have issue with people who say stuff they never really mean. Big issue, huge.

On top of my assassination list is the people who is totally aware that they don't mean a crap of what they say and they say it just for their own convenient. They are the manipulator. If sugar is sweet, they are far sweeter than that. Insulin can't neutralize them. They can easily deny whatever said and call it a misunderstood.

Next - a type of human being who is brave enough to say something, to provoke or to give hints, and but later become a coward over their own words. This kind of people usually doesn’t explain - they don't say that it was a misunderstood; they don't even say that they mean no harm. They made it like that nothing happened and just turn around 180 degrees and started to use different term and vocabulary with you - maybe one day you'll get their point!

Then there is a kind of people who fail to evaluate the choice of words/phrase they use onto others and the possible outcome. Their words flow like a waterfall and hit everything in the way. When the response received is pleasing, they feel lucky. But when the response is not per expected, they say they never mean any harm. Bla, bla, bla.

If you can't become the man of your words, then it would be the best to be silent ('man' referring to 'human'). Even Prophet Muhammad said so. You can't imagine how much damage words can do.