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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review - Part II


I manage to 'allocate' time to watched Eclipse for the second time 2 weeks ago. It was worth it as I found out that I've missed a great deal of details the first time. I guess I was too distracted by the disappointment and a little angst. Later I learnt that Malaysia is showing an impaired version of Eclipse - I have a confirmation on GSC and TGV. The jumping and missing scene still annoyed me, but I manage to ignore it from my nerve.

I still saw Bella more in Eclipse [I don't know what's wrong with me], maybe a little more of Edward in some scenes. Me and Bella, it is a love-hate situation. I think I can understand the tiniest part of Rosalie's feeling -- not that I hate Bella and not that I favor her much. Oh! Didn't you think that Bella sort of looking like a vampire already? She did, to me.

Now, let's rewind and put together more details about our sweetheart, shall we? I'm going to write this on a list basis, so let's have fun!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Review Part I


I had a great time watching Eclipse last Friday.
I cried. For Bella. [Didn't really get the point why others cried for Edward... hmm]

"All the lives always tempted to trade. Will they hate me for all the choices I've made? Will they stop when they see me again? I can't stop now I know who I am..."

Since I was so distracted by the show's quality -- the movie was impaired by somebody, ok dear GSC! -- there's not much I can say for now [Would it be ridiculous if I spend my time and money watching Eclipse at different cinema?] But yes, I love every bit of it including 3 scenes I know I hate. Hehehe. So, how would I start this review thingy? Erm.

Let start with... there's no wedding dress in Eclipse! It was a major disappointment for 'Aini. Now I have to wait. I hate waiting. But since the movie was so great, I'm going to let that pass. I was so surprise that nobody mention this. None. Not even one review [that I read] said that Summit …

Pull Doors


For some people, this is just a small not-even-an-issue in their life. But it does to me. So these are the 5 reasons why I don't prefer pull doors. [I tried to make it to 10, but it would sound ridiculous than it already has (^_^)v]

1. I have to touch and hold the door handle. That is filthy. Push doors are better because they come in bar instead of handle. Minimal physical contact.
2. The door can be too heavy for me and I can end up looking like a weak girl :p Oh yes, I have had that experience. Hate it!
3. People might have to stop behind me and wait for me to open the door and walk through it. So inconvenient. At least I have concern on that.
4. The fact that I was having difficulty to differentiate "Pull" and "Push" properly. [WAS, ok~] And yes, I have had that experience, too.
5. The door might hit my toe. Ok... this is just a possibility. But it could happen :p

I'd like to suggest more push doors!


Paul Octo and a Spanish Dream Come True


Per known to the whole world, Spain beats Germany in 2010 FIFA World Cup Semi Final with 1-0 this morning. [Big O.U.C.H] This winning not only a dream comes true for Spain; it also brightens Paul Octo's credibility as a psychic. [As a Muslim, we ought to believe that the results were nothing foreseen by the octopus, it's all fate and hard work.]

The game was intense. Both team wanted to win to gain a step closer to the cup. I had series of near-heart attack while watching the game. Spain was all determine and driven by the fact that if they wins, this will be their first time in FIFA World Cup Final. As adrenaline pumps in both teams, Spain's motivation was undeniably more powerful compare to a forth-time winning aimed by Germany.

Whether or not Paul chose Spain over Germany, with skills shown this morning, it was an earned winning. It breaks my heart when Germany lost, but Spain really was a worthy opponent. Instead of threatening a baby octopus, Germany mi…

Rumah Titian Kasih


Hati sungguh sayu dan marah melihat penghuni Rumah Titian Kasih (RTK) terpaksa berpindah selepas pemiliknya memilih untuk menjual banglo tersebut untuk tujuan komersil berbanding menyewakannya untuk dijadikan rumah kebajikan. They were crying and that broke my heart into pieces.

Hati digaru-garu ingin tahu siapakah pemilik banglo tersebut!

Pengusaha RTK telah ditawarkan untuk membeli banglo tersebut dengan harga 2.7 juta dan sejak itu pelbagai inisiatif telah dilakukan termasuklah menubuhkan Tabung Wakaf RTK, menjual kraf tangan, kuih-muih dan sumbangan oleh individu. Jumlah yang dikumpulkan adalah RM270,000 -- sebagai deposit.

Perkara pertama yang terlintas difikiran, bukankah ada rakyat Malaysia yang tersenarai dalam 100 manusia terkaya di dunia? RM2.7 juta adalah amaun yang amat kecil berbanding kekayaan yang dimiliki. Walaupun tidak tersenarai dalam 100 manusia terkaya di dunia, masih ada rakyat Malaysia yang mampu menambah kutipan RM270 ribu dan menjadikannya RM2.7 …

Being Bella


Metric revealed their music video of "Eclipse (All Yours)" for Twilight Saga: Eclipse OST yesterday on MySpace. The song was so Bella!

"When speaking of the song's formulation, Haines revealed that it was written by the band as a reflection of the emotions they thought Bella might be experiencing during the final scene of the film - when Bella and Edward discuss their future in the meadow." -Twilight Examiner-

I know Bella was [almost?] insignificant for Twilight Saga's fans. It was always about Edward or Jacob or Jasper or Alice; never Bella. If you ask me, the main reason is the fact that Edward love Bella and Bella acted so [damn, oops!] human. I can't stand her attitude towards Edward when I [and thousands more girl] would just throw myself at him. Hahaha! I know there are girls who would willingly change their name to Isabella Swan, or use Bella as their nickname. But that’s all because Edward Cullen love a human girl named Isabella “…