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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Review Part I


I had a great time watching Eclipse last Friday.
I cried. For Bella. [Didn't really get the point why others cried for Edward... hmm]

"All the lives always tempted to trade. Will they hate me for all the choices I've made? Will they stop when they see me again? I can't stop now I know who I am..."

Since I was so distracted by the show's quality -- the movie was impaired by somebody, ok dear GSC! -- there's not much I can say for now [Would it be ridiculous if I spend my time and money watching Eclipse at different cinema?] But yes, I love every bit of it including 3 scenes I know I hate. Hehehe. So, how would I start this review thingy? Erm.

Let start with... there's no wedding dress in Eclipse! It was a major disappointment for 'Aini. Now I have to wait. I hate waiting. But since the movie was so great, I'm going to let that pass. I was so surprise that nobody mention this. None. Not even one review [that I read] said that Summit keeps the wedding dress for Breaking Down. Tricky!

Edward is there, yes. [After all, he is the [personal] center of the universe for us all] But I saw Bella more in Eclipse. Eclipse is Bella. [This is where the crying part comes] Every time Howard Shore's Wedding Plans score and Metric's All Yours accompany Bella's thoughts, Eclipse became personal to me. I can't recall all scenes, but I was mostly sad for Bella-Renee, Bella-Charlie and graduation scenes -- L.O.V.E. the speech. Those were [almost] accurate representation of a human's life. In Bella's case, things she choose to leave. [Rosalie's "but you're choosing wrong" rings in my ears. Sigh]

I did not favor 3 scenes, as mention earlier. #1 would be Bella-Jacob kissing scene; #2 would be the camp scene and #3 is the at school scene after Edward and Bella got back from Florida... the scene where Bella thrashed Edward and leave with Jacob, on his bike.

That wasn't something possible for Bella, if you know what I mean. In addition, Bella greeted Jacob with a "hey you" tone. We read Bella and that wasn't something you read out of her. When given careful thought, I find that scene very normal and natural. Kristen Stewart is Bella in flesh and blood. When Bella scold Edward in latter scene, I find it hard to swallow -- how could she! But again, that's what normal human would react. So again, thumbs up for Kristen!

There's nothing to say about the Bella-Jacob kissing scene [not that anybody have anything to say about it] and there was something about the camp scene. The conversation between Edward and Jacob was as I pictured in the book. It was heart melting to see Edward sitting at the corner of the tent, answering Jacob's question. Yes, how Edward would trade anything to take Jacob's place.

As much as I like the baseball scene in Twilight, I find the fight training scene very much captivating. Unkle's With You in My Head was just the right song for this scene. But song would mean nothing without Jasper and his skills. If Edward dazzled, Jasper charmed. Especially for Jasper-Alice part -- it was so romantic and sweet. They definitely doesn't need a to-be-cut scene to show their affection :p

And... last but not least, the final meadow scene. I do agree, Wedding Plans score was the best background music for this scene. Bella made her decision.

"Now I'm all yours, I'm not afraid. And you're all mine, say what they may. And all your love I'll take to a grave. And all my life starts now. "

"Tear me down they can't take you out of my thoughts. Under every scar there’s a battle I’ve lost. Will they stop when they see us again? I can’t stop now I know who I am."

Oh ya. The original soundtrack was all Eclipse-ish. My favourite: ALL! I'd like to congratulate the production team; I have to say David Slade has done a great job with Eclipse. Everybody loves you, darling! To Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson [I keep on stumble his name as Robert Cullen] and Taylor Lautner: the saga has become a part of you.

That's about everything.
Now let's cross check my expectation with the end product.

[/] The Proposal Scene.
It was marvelous and breath taking. Sia's My Love was perfect background music. The scene was made simple -- maybe because of the cut -- but as long as my favorite dialogue was there it was acceptable.

[/] The Wedding Ring.
Not much surprise as it was introduced in the trailer. I imagined it older. Acceptable.

[X] The Wedding Dress.
The wedding dress has to wait (T_T)

[/] Edward - Jacob argument after Bella broke her hand.
They changed this scene and the most anticipated dialogue did not make it. Sigh. I hated that Edward was pictured full of anger. I think it is okay if Bella act human, but Edward... he's not human and I want him to be Edward.

[/] Edward's bed.
Errr.. (*_*)

[/] Jasper's story.
I find his story as interesting as in the book. I don't know why, but after watching Eclipse I finally understand why Jasper was important to Maria. Maria needed him for his ability to control emotion. Of course.

[/] Bella - Edward visiting Renee.
It's something that Renee said and the way Bella flinch silently to it that touched my heart. I can't remember the exact words, but it was sort of: "Didn't you missed all this, to have vitamin D soak into your skin...". Ya, Bella definitely going to miss that. At the background, Edward was seen unease.

[-] Bella - Jacob kissing scene the shortest.
I closed my eyes.



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