Pull Doors


For some people, this is just a small not-even-an-issue in their life. But it does to me. So these are the 5 reasons why I don't prefer pull doors. [I tried to make it to 10, but it would sound ridiculous than it already has (^_^)v]

1. I have to touch and hold the door handle. That is filthy. Push doors are better because they come in bar instead of handle. Minimal physical contact.
2. The door can be too heavy for me and I can end up looking like a weak girl :p Oh yes, I have had that experience. Hate it!
3. People might have to stop behind me and wait for me to open the door and walk through it. So inconvenient. At least I have concern on that.
4. The fact that I was having difficulty to differentiate "Pull" and "Push" properly. [WAS, ok~] And yes, I have had that experience, too.
5. The door might hit my toe. Ok... this is just a possibility. But it could happen :p

I'd like to suggest more push doors!



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