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Message in a Bottle


I finished reading Message in a Bottle (by Nicholas Sparks) on 0740, 18 September 2009.
Such a sad ending… I mean, I watched the movie but I did not recall the piece to be this sad. It must be the letters. In the movie I don’t really catch up with what the letters were saying. Reading the letters words by words, they left deep marks on my heart.

[With a sigh] Does great love must come with equal grief?

No, seriously… is it a must?
Can’t there be great love that always great without any grief?
[Tak puas hati sebab pagi-pagi dah rasa sedih]

Here’s for a quick glance of the novel:

Theresa’s final letter to Garret said;
This is not a good-bye, my darling, this is a thank-you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventual…

Helen Keller


I decided to find a quote from Helen Keller; after the inspirational quotes on this blog showed a quote from her which says: When you do the best you can, you never know what miracle is wrought in your life, or in the life of another.

While browsing, I was so surprise to find tones of websites under “Helen Keller jokes”. At first, I thought the websites quoted jokes from Helen Keller. Unfortunately, the websites actually amass jokes regarding Helen Keller.
The first joke wrote: How does Helen Keller drive? One hand on the wheel and one hand one the road!
The other said: How do you Punish Helen Keller? 1- Rearrange the Furniture 2- Give her a basketball and tell her to read it. 3- Tell her to find the corners in a round room.
And another one: Why does Helen Keller have holes in her face? She tried eating with a fork.

I can tell that these people were having fun joking on her like that. The jokes sounded more and more offensive as I read, so I stopped.

Obviously they are aware…

Hijab IS Freedom


Definition of Hijab:
The headscarf worn by Muslim women, sometimes including a veil that covers the face except for the eyes.
The veiling or seclusion of women in some Islamic societies, customarily practiced in order to maintain standards of modesty.

More on:

Hijab IS freedom. I couldn’t agree more on any statement than that. This is one of many realities in Islam that has been twisted and tangled. Started only as “known fact”, I only realized how important for all Muslimah to explain and to explain the dignity of Islam and the hijab itself while watching a serial drama, Jack & Bobby (

A Man of Faith's Episode summary:
Bobby's interest in religion is piqued when he helps Warren study for his Bar Mitzvah. Elsewhere, Grace insults a student (Lina Patel) with deep religious beliefs, prompting a campus-wide boycott of her classes; Jack gets a chance to rejoin the track team when the co…

5 Syawal


03:24 24 September 2009.
5 Syawal 1430H.

Tajuk berita di Utusan Malaysia Online tidak kelihatan menarik untuk aku meneruskan pembacaan. Sembang di Facebook dah diam... Mungkin si dia di hujung talian sedang dibuai mimpi indah. Facebook juga telah sunyi.

Berseorangan di ruang dapur di Taiping. Semua sedang nyenyak tidur. Yang kedengaran hanyalah bunyi papan kekunci, kipas, dengung lampu kalimantang dan dengkuran dari kumpulan orang yang sedang bermimpi. Dalam kekecohan Syawal, ketika hening pagi begini sahaja aku mempunyai kesempatan untuk melayari internet. Kesibukan sebagai tuan rumah adalah salah satu faktor, tetapi kehadiran kanak-kanak riang yang obses dengan gajet dan permainan video (aplikasi mahupun dalam talian) - itulah cabaran utama.

Alhamdulillah, 1 Syawal berlalu dengan lancar.
Oleh kerana keluarga arwah Mak nak bertandang ke rumah, Abah telah membawa kami berhari raya ke rumah saudara maranya dalam masa sehari tersebut (bukanlah semua, sekadar saudara yang tela…

Ramadhan - Syawal 1430H/2009M


First of all, this isn’t a sour note. So please put up some smiles and cheers while reading it.

This year is the first year we are embracing Ramadhan and celebrating the Syawal without Mak. This is the most soundless Ramadhan I have ever felt in 25 years. It was soundless, but the excitement is there. Ramadhan has always brings a pleasant serene feeling to me; I always loves Ramadhan. In my immature-kind-mind, I’d say because the satan and jin are all being tied up… that is equal to no ghost. Hahaha. This year’s Ramadhan was even more serene as I know that Mak got to rest these 30 days and being blessed by HIM with lot and lot of love.

Talking about Ramadhan, there was reminiscence in it. I can’t help myself from thinking what she always cooked, or what was her favorite-must-cook dish for our family or for herself. One day, I past a stall selling nasi daging at bazaar and suddenly I missed her so much. She’d cook nasi daging for most of special occasion [or occasion she …



First and foremost, Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me MV won! Congratulations, girl.
Been listening to that song a year ago, but never listened to it for some time until Kak Maz posted the MV on Facebook. [A thank you note to Kak Maz]
Non-fans labeled the MV as another-fairy-tale-like MV by Taylor Swift. They are just so jealous of her and her golden curls. The MV should have won the best MV of the year as well.

The Song
First idea: Not all guys required a pretty girl.
Second idea: “Beauty” defines abstractly.
Third idea: Fight for your love… could be your love is waiting for you to save him/her from being stuck with inappropriate partner :p hahaha

Singing this song shouts out the I’m-on-the-bleachers side of a girl [cheer-captain, please back off]. I am not sure about you, but I have been that girl. And singing this song is actually a pleasure. The lyrics is a composition of the simplest and most na├»ve thought of a I’m-on-the-bleacher. Anyway, the story was like the song exc…



The 3rd trailer of Twilight Saga New Moon is finally out – officially! said: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner presented the clip and looked phenomenal doing so, of course!
Well, they should!
People would kill for Twilight Saga – even the 3rd trailer got “pirated” and unofficially published in Youtube one day before the VMA. The 3rd trailer is just soooo tempting, “the trailer has a little bit of everything - Volturi, cliff-diving, werewolves, fight scenes, drama, love, and more”. (

My favorite parts are the parts of Bella-Edward (isn’t that obvious?).
Specifically, a scene when Bella watched a mirage of Edward disappears in the parking lot at school and says that “the absence of him is everywhere I look… it’s like a huge hole has been punched through my chest”. And the expression pictured by Kristen Stewart just “wow”! (Picture below) That’s the feeling that caused millions of readers stopped reading New Moon and started flippin…



Alhamdulillah, arrived at Taiping 5 pm this evening. Just nice for me to prepare 2 dishes for today's iftar. Even though there's a change in the menu, the foods are edible... Yeay! Well, having 3 sort-of-expert-guy-chefs and a younger I-don't-simply-eat-normal-food sibling sometime can be "motivating" :D Oh well.. at the end they always finish all the food!

The most exciting thing in this whole wide world is, of course named Cahya Laila As-Syifa. I've been so excited to get home to meet her... to be around her. This feeling is... wonderful. It remind me exactly back to 25 years ago, when Achik got home from her school and stop by to visit a baby girl, named Haffizzatul 'Aini Aton. Yes, that's me, and Achik (despite that she's my auntie) has always been the sister of all purposes for me. She once said: "You were so small, and so cute.. but suddenly here you are... Already a big girl".

The same moment touches me.

This is Cahya…

Permulaan Yang Baik


Alhamdulillah, akhirnya telah bersedia untuk menggunapakai blog ini.
Tiada entry sebagai pembukaan (walaupun terfikir untuk recycle entry terakhir di Friendster bertajuk Jacob Black). Minggu ini penuh dengan inspirasi. Dan salah satu inspirasi adalah berkaitan dengan lirik lagu di bawah.

Semoga kebaikan terus dapat dikongsikan menerusi blog ini :)

My Ummah oleh Sami Yusuf

My ummah, my ummah
He will say
Rasulullah on that day
Even though we've strayed from him and his way
My brothers, my sisters, in Islam
Let's struggle, work, and pray
If we are to
Bring back the glory of his way

Ya Allah ya rabbal ‘alamin
Ya rahmanu ya rahim
Ya rabbiO Allah Lord of the Worlds
O Merciful and Beneficent
O my Lord

Let the Ummah rise again
Let us see daylight again
Once again
Let's become whole again
Proud again
'Cause I swear with firm belief in our hearts
We can bring back the glory of our past

My ummah, my ummah
He will say