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Hijab IS Freedom


Definition of Hijab:
The headscarf worn by Muslim women, sometimes including a veil that covers the face except for the eyes.
The veiling or seclusion of women in some Islamic societies, customarily practiced in order to maintain standards of modesty.

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Hijab IS freedom. I couldn’t agree more on any statement than that. This is one of many realities in Islam that has been twisted and tangled. Started only as “known fact”, I only realized how important for all Muslimah to explain and to explain the dignity of Islam and the hijab itself while watching a serial drama, Jack & Bobby (

A Man of Faith's Episode summary:
Bobby's interest in religion is piqued when he helps Warren study for his Bar Mitzvah. Elsewhere, Grace insults a student (Lina Patel) with deep religious beliefs, prompting a campus-wide boycott of her classes; Jack gets a chance to rejoin the track team when the coach needs a replacement runner for Marcus, who's on academic probation. (

It was an episode of religions. The details are all indistinct and I can only endow with overall idea of the episode for this sharing. Grace is the mother of Jack and Bobby. She’s a professor, I am totally sorry I can’t recall in which field. But her thoughts and lectures were great. In “A Man of Faith” episode Grace insults a Muslim student in her class. If my neurons did not retrieve wrong information, the class was discussing about religions of the world. Students were giving their opinion and Grace was sharing her opinion, too. Throwing ideas, she did not realize that she has jumped into a narrow point of view when talking about Islam. As far as I can remember, she feels like Islam is a religion of oppression especially for women. She touches over the syariat of wearing hijab, saying that women too, have the rights to show any body parts they wished to. The implication of her open opinion was that students started to boycott her class and demand her apology to the Muslim student.

Long story short, the student, Lina Patel meets Grace personally. Lina explains that she never asked anyone to stand up for her or to boycott Grace’s classes. She also added that the incident was getting wild and mislead when she was approached for religion talks. I did not remember at all the content of the conversation. But here come the best part – Lina ingenuously shared with Grace that instead of oppressing Muslim women, hijab is actually giving Muslim women freedom. Lina’s explanation was that, by wearing hijab Muslim women have option on who can see her body, and which part of the body. Deep inside Grace agreed and have gained her understanding and better perspective towards Islam.

I remember being angry and regret while watching that specific episode. I felt regret because I loves Jack & Bobby and I was angry because my favorite TV show was insulting Islam!

There’s another story regarding hijab, this time seen through a non-muslim woman in a country outside Malaysia. The woman shared to a columnist that she often goes out wearing hijab. The reason given was that she feels safe in the hijab and she is respected by other Muslim brothers and sisters. He said that hijab makes her feel at peace and safe while outside the house – she can see everyone, but other people can’t see her. She also added that while on public transportation, seat was offered to her and she knows well that the offer came sincerely for her, not because how she looks and how short her skirt is.

Hijab is freedom, not oppression.
Aurat guarantee dignity, not oppression.
Islam is beautiful; it’s the best way of life.

Around the world, our sisters are fighting for their hijab; there has been near-death experience. Other people might perceive hijab as a piece of cloth used to cover the hair/head. And when I say “other people”, it implies both non-muslim and Muslim. For non-muslim to understand, for Muslim to learn to respect.



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