Helen Keller


I decided to find a quote from Helen Keller; after the inspirational quotes on this blog showed a quote from her which says: When you do the best you can, you never know what miracle is wrought in your life, or in the life of another.

While browsing, I was so surprise to find tones of websites under “Helen Keller jokes”. At first, I thought the websites quoted jokes from Helen Keller. Unfortunately, the websites actually amass jokes regarding Helen Keller.
The first joke wrote: How does Helen Keller drive? One hand on the wheel and one hand one the road!
The other said: How do you Punish Helen Keller? 1- Rearrange the Furniture 2- Give her a basketball and tell her to read it. 3- Tell her to find the corners in a round room.
And another one: Why does Helen Keller have holes in her face? She tried eating with a fork.

I can tell that these people were having fun joking on her like that. The jokes sounded more and more offensive as I read, so I stopped.

Obviously they are aware of whom Helen Keller was and yet, they showed no respect at all. First, she was deaf and blind. Secondly, she was a great human being. None of these two facts touches their souls or make sense in their intellect.

Some jokes are better left untold.



some ppl think they're so funny making a fool of themselves
'Aini said…
owh.. they shudn't try hard. they are fools.

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