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Our Sweet Couple....

Our Goguma couple has filmed their final episode on White Day - 14 March 2011. T___T And today netizens and the couple's fan site shared that next week would be their final episode. T___T They made the final episode almost the same with the first episode... Yes, I do share the same thought as one of the video in YouTube - they made it similar to the first episode; is it an end or a beginning? I know what I want to do after the finale... I'd watch the first episode again just to cheer their effort in We Got Married. Below are the videos to recap out Goguma couple's moment - moment that cheers our day. To Yonghwa and Seohyun, thank you for making my day brighter ^___^ All the best, YongSeo!Hwaiting!

First Step

Theme song: One Time by C.N Blue from their Japanese album.

C.N Blue's first album entitled "First Step" will officially be release on 21 March 2011 ^___^ Chuka hae! It consist of 12 songs, 9 of them involve my lovely oppa. Some of the songs are from their Japanese album. This should be great. The songs released in Japan were slightly different style than in Korea. I already fall in love with One Time. I know I will love Imagine. I can't wait to listen to their new songs. Dugeun-dugeun~

One thing about C.N Blue, their music evolved. I can't hardly notice the similarity between their songs. Each has their own personality. Maybe it is because they composed and played the music - somehow it carried their story and soul.

Oppa, hwaiting! 9 out of 12 songs:

1. Intuition (New)
Lyrics: Han Seong Ho
Composer: SEI, KOZI

2. Imagine (New)
Lyrics: Han Seong Ho, Jung Yonghwa
Composer: Kim Jaeyang, Han Seung Hoon

3. Love Comes With the Rain (New)
Lyrics: Han Seung Ho
Composer: Lee Jun…

Oh Goguma Couple~


There's a need to keep on listening to Yonghwa's Banmal Song. The song calmed me and allows me to forget-slash-accept the fact that Goguma couple will eventually come to an end. Sigh. I am one of the fan that actually distracted by the so-called rumor. Yep, I am that sad goguma (T____T) In fact, I am sad for the rest of the week. It’s confirmed!

Upon receiving the news of the couple's [highly anticipated] wedding pictures, I was experiencing mix of feelings - between happy and worry. I was happy that the Goguma couple finally took their wedding pictures - they were awesome! I am so going to have that kind of wedding pictures for my own wedding ^____^ On the other hand, I was kind of worry that the wedding pictures would continue the curse of a couple's finale. Later after that, the news and rumors were flooding the net.

I do realize that this mood swing is utterly silly. But I can't help myself. Our Goguma couple deserve more time. They look great to…

C.N Blue - Imagine!


This is C.N Blue's Imagine from their first full album in Korea. The track to this song was introduced via Yonghwa's Hazzy's CF and has caused the web to crash. The lyric somehow remind me of Seohyun, especially the white house part ^____^

Fighting, C.N Blue!

by C.N Blue

When I first saw you, it was like a dream
Because of your smiles which are like that of an angel
If this you could become my love, what would I do
Just thinking about that had me feel so happy
I will let you know
I’m imagining you
Imagine you looking at and smiling to me
You who are holding my hand~ Oh~ Oh~
Under a spell you become my love
Imagining you, imagining you sleeping in my arms
You’re kissing me~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly
In a white house on a small green green hill
We are sitting on a yellow swing
I serve you morning coffee when you wake up in the morning
I imagine being with you every day
Imagining myself holding you~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly

Hari Wanita


"Wanita hiasan dunia; seindah hiasan adalah wanita solehah~"

Hari ni Hari Wanita.
Selamat Hari Wanita kepada semua wanita! ^____^

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami,
Kami mohon Rahmat dan Kasih SayangMu yang banyak.
Selamatkanlah kami dari menjadi fitnah dunia semata-mata.
Jadikanlah kami wanita-wanita yang solehah yang mendapat keredhaanMu.
Ya Allah Maha Pencipta,
Hindarilah kami dari menjadi pencinta dunia dan pemburu isinya yang tidak kekal.
Bantulah kami mencari cintaMu untuk hari yang pasti dan abdi.
Ameen, Ya Allah... Wassalam.

Mak - 2 Years


Remembering Mak does not make me a pathetic. It's inevitable. Her reminiscences are everywhere. I treasure each memory. These memories remind me that I once had a great mother. They are not something I mourned or be sad about. I would not trade anything in this world for them - I don't want to forget. I prefer to talk about her like she never even leaves.

I can't really tell... Deep in my heart, moment without Mak feels more than just 2 years. It's a tiring journey. But on the contrary, it feels like yesterday. Everything is vivid and clear. Memories of her are like patches on my reality. They hold things together - just like her.

I think I miss her the most when I am with my family. To watch they grow up each day and to know that they are fine means so much to me. Family makes me feel complete. Mak wanted me to take care of my other siblings. It was a huge final wish. At first I feel burdened. I mean I did naturally care about them. But to live with the…