C.N Blue - Imagine!


This is C.N Blue's Imagine from their first full album in Korea. The track to this song was introduced via Yonghwa's Hazzy's CF and has caused the web to crash. The lyric somehow remind me of Seohyun, especially the white house part ^____^

Fighting, C.N Blue!

by C.N Blue

When I first saw you, it was like a dream
Because of your smiles which are like that of an angel
If this you could become my love, what would I do
Just thinking about that had me feel so happy
I will let you know
I’m imagining you
Imagine you looking at and smiling to me
You who are holding my hand~ Oh~ Oh~
Under a spell you become my love
Imagining you, imagining you sleeping in my arms
You’re kissing me~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly
In a white house on a small green green hill
We are sitting on a yellow swing
I serve you morning coffee when you wake up in the morning
I imagine being with you every day
Imagining myself holding you~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly
Every day we can imagine our being the other’s half
We imagine that we become more and more alike
My dream will come true
I love you, be my love
I love you, I pluck up my courage and confess
Oh~ oh~You’re my imagine love


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