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That's The Way It Is

That's all you need to spell "move on". Admittedly, it is not that simple. 7 years and I am still in "move on" mode. But -- I can assure that I am "moving on" and I am making a progress.
I like to see this as a learning curve. We learn to love, we learn to trust, and then we learn about heartbreak. Now we learn to nurse that heart. I discover a lot of thing about myself in this 7 years. Well, it started off with much pain. Hahaha. But the wisdom I gain from it is precious.
One must continue living to experience it all.
The first thing to do is to acknowledge it. Yes I am going through this and this. Yes I am feeling this and this. Mindfulness -- it's my new favorite word. It means you're aware of your feeling. If you don't know where it hurts, you can't nurse it.
Secondly, pick up and hold on to the positive element in your life. Buttttttt, do not involve in rebound thingy. It is because in moment like this, it is easy to fe…