That's The Way It Is


That's all you need to spell "move on". Admittedly, it is not that simple.
7 years and I am still in "move on" mode. But -- I can assure that I am "moving on" and I am making a progress.

I like to see this as a learning curve.
We learn to love, we learn to trust, and then we learn about heartbreak. Now we learn to nurse that heart. I discover a lot of thing about myself in this 7 years. Well, it started off with much pain. Hahaha. But the wisdom I gain from it is precious.

One must continue living to experience it all.

The first thing to do is to acknowledge it. Yes I am going through this and this. Yes I am feeling this and this. Mindfulness -- it's my new favorite word. It means you're aware of your feeling.
If you don't know where it hurts, you can't nurse it.

Secondly, pick up and hold on to the positive element in your life.
Buttttttt, do not involve in rebound thingy. It is because in moment like this, it is easy to feel connected to people that fills in the hole in your heart. Nope. We don't need that.
What we need if something that motivates you, something that make you value life more. I choose to volunteer. I run. Anything -- anything that make you say: Hey there's a lot more good things I can do rather that crying my heart out.

Thirdly, focus on yourself, darling. Learn your lesson.
I used to plan and build my future around him. So when the unfortunate event happened, a significant part of my world crumble. But a princess must lift her head up so that the crown doesn't fall! Begins a new life. Be a new you. Do things because you want it and put yourself first.

Next on the list is: stop looking back. If and only if the past come sneaking on you, only remember the good stuff. Let go. Free yourself from the grip. You don't forget by remembering the bad stuff. That is just a crazy opinion. It's tempting - believe me I know - not dump all the dirty laundry. But imagine this - what if you walk with tahi kucing all over your shoes. Would you be comfortable? He/she can't be that bad kan.

The last thing (at the moment) is to keep moving forward.
The quote say: Your speed doesn't matter. Forward is forward.

All above doesn't happen immediately. Most of them were discovered halfway through the 7 years until recently. I am pretty sure more is coming. It's called discovery for a reason.

On top of all that, it's our choice to make this a journey of wisdom or just another miserable thing that happen in our life.
I believe that love is something that bring goodness to life. Even after it ended.

Ok lah. That's it.
Now let's continue living :)
Or lipat kain tu be exact.


By the way; this entry's subject is a song title. 


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