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Knock, knock, knock!


It's 4th January 2010;
First day of working in 2010.
Few days left for this 25 years young lady :)

I'm turning 26!!!
Eventhough at heart I am forever 13... I am so turning 26!

25 is like standing on the thin line between young and not young. But 26... the "6" indicate that I have cross over to the other side of the world, which is not so young. The hysterics are more on the fact that I am so very much single and that a wedding is expected and that I am having my first baby when most of women my age would have their second and so on and the question will keep on coming and bugging me.


Hey hey!
I am not that girl who weeps over my age. I am proud of turning 26 and the next. Just that living in this world with these big ears, I hear cruel whispers. Don't you dare blaming my ears; you should mind your words and please get a new hobby other than giving people a hard time.

In this departure hall of gate 25, I watch a rerun of how I spent my age. I'm writing the last details on my book...



fleur vinca said…
u're very much single?? is it ur metaphore or u really mean it..hehehehe
'Aini said…
until i am married, i will consider my self as "very much single". hahaha. marital status kan either "married" or "single" :p
fleur vinca said…
huu...ok...u're lucky he understand where u stand on this matter...u know, it could be such an issue if the 'in relationship' thing give a huge meaning to him.. ;)
'Aini said…
Oh.. He did? Not sure on that, since he's so busy to notice it :D Hehehe. I'm like an open book - he know exactly what I feel. So status is just another word invented by human :)
fleur vinca said…
oh sounds single status on fb really an issue...until i change it... *sigh* isnt it just a word...huu

p.s. xtau nk buat apa...kepala sudah sakit, prob belum settle....
'Aini said…
My dear.. Try jalan2 at his page. The last time I check, you'll find no information at all on the status.. Hahaha.
Azra said…
hehe my dear, if you're 26 and people are saying things about how you're still single, what about me then? I'm turning 28 this 2010.

But hey, life's not about numbers. It's about how we lived it. Have you lived your life? Ignore those ignorant people, they just wont understand.
'Aini said…
KakHairi.. Well, my heart might be a composition of steel + sugar and spice and everthing nice; but I'm still flesh and blood :) People talk and I have big ears for them. Hahaha. Didn't allocate much space for that. When the wind blow, I got chill.. tht's all :D

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