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My First 7 KM


Alhamdulillah. I ran and completed my first 7 kilometers for Asics Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 (APBIM2014) in Fun Run category. Yes, you read correctly, I ran 7 km. Hahaha. If you know me, the fact that I run is already surprising. What's more surprising, I actually sign up voluntarily for this. Macam tak percaya je masa dapat official receipt tu.
My fellow runner friends were right. Firstly, I can run. Secondly, I will never know my limit if I did not take the opportunity to challenge myself. Thirdly, running during practice is totally different from running in an event with other runners. There were unspoken motivations when I ran with others passionate runners on the bridge yesterday.

The Beginning
I believe everything begins approximately 1 year ago, when I first met Mr. R. He is the one person who ever and so persistently offering me all sorts of running opportunities. He would ask me to join something every time we meet despite being told every…