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Paul Octo and a Spanish Dream Come True


Per known to the whole world, Spain beats Germany in 2010 FIFA World Cup Semi Final with 1-0 this morning. [Big O.U.C.H] This winning not only a dream comes true for Spain; it also brightens Paul Octo's credibility as a psychic. [As a Muslim, we ought to believe that the results were nothing foreseen by the octopus, it's all fate and hard work.]

The game was intense. Both team wanted to win to gain a step closer to the cup. I had series of near-heart attack while watching the game. Spain was all determine and driven by the fact that if they wins, this will be their first time in FIFA World Cup Final. As adrenaline pumps in both teams, Spain's motivation was undeniably more powerful compare to a forth-time winning aimed by Germany.

Whether or not Paul chose Spain over Germany, with skills shown this morning, it was an earned winning. It breaks my heart when Germany lost, but Spain really was a worthy opponent. Instead of threatening a baby octopus, Germany might want to speed up the post mortem on the team itself. Yes, it is almost stupid to blame an octopus. Hahaha. There's always something -- either you don't play it well enough or your opponent play better.

I'd like to congratulate Germany's goal keeper, Mr. Manuel Neuer. He did a great job. If not for his skill, Germany might be beaten up more than one goal. To Mr. Carles Puyol, you rocks dude! Though Germany's players were higher, Puyol manage to leap over his fellow team mate and score with his header. Thanks to our Man of the Match Xavi for his corner kick. What a goal!

Oh! And I have serious issue with the referee -- Mr. Viktor Kassai of Hungrary. He is so stingy. Mesut Ozil deserves a free kick if not a penalty. Not only Ozil, there were cases in both teams that I think could be a card or a free kick -- no card at all! Mr. FIFA President, I thought we have discussed about this oddity??

Spain will meet Netherlands in final. A fact, both teams are first timer in FIFA World Cup Final. I can't wait to see the game. [After Italy goes home, I am not a supporter to any team. It's just a preference plus statistics] I foresee Spain can win this 2010 World Cup if they play as good as this morning.

David Villa and Wesley Sneijder are securing the Golden Boots award and I am sure both will want to score more. It will be an interesting battle to watch! I just hope that this Golden Boots thing will not ruin the game.

I wonder if Paul will survive today, with menus of him spread across the globe (^_^) If he survived, I'd want to know what is his prediction over Spain - Netherlands match.


Leesa.Maz said…
Paul the Octo Oracle predicts that Spain will win this years World Cup and Germany will win third place..
It's funny how an octopus can become so famous or hated, depending on which team a person supports..

Tapi kelakar dan seronok bila ramai respon pada kekalahan Germany kepada Spain. Bukan percaya pada ramalan Octo tu, lebih pada nak menjadikan satu situasi kecewa kepada kelakar. Paul Octo ala Sambal anyone..hehehheh..
paul octo ala sushi...pun yum2..haha

sekali spain menang betul2..ish2.... betul2 kebetulan ni...
Leesa.Maz said…
rasanya orang akan sentiasa kaitankan WC2010 dengan Paul the Oracle Octopus. hehehhe
'Aini said…
I'm sure going to miss Paul so much.. Dah bersara pon.. Huhuhu~

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