Another Mother's Day


This coming 9th May 2010 is another Mother's Day. This is another Mother's Day, without Mak. Just another day, just another Sunday.

I promised to buy Mak a set of curtains for our home on her final Mother's Day -- for Hari Raya. But somehow it was too late and no tailor would accept anymore curtains that year. So we celebrated Hari Raya with the old curtains, the one Mak love best.

We still use that curtains untill today. Is it because of the nostalgia it holds? Maybe... I have raised a suggestion for new curtains this year.

Another Mother's Day without Mak.
The first Mother's Day for Mama.


yes, the suggestion would be a nice way:
1- to fulfill ur promise for mak [to buy a new curtain]

2- for ur nice gesture towards mama.. :)
'Aini said…
#2 - done!

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