How I Plan to Celebrate 1 July 2010


1) Wear the pink t-shirt with the pink scarf - it's been a while since I wear them.
2) Drink Nescafe the whole day - if appropriate.
3) Listen to "Tentang Seseorang" the whole day.
4) Eat Mi Bandung - at KLIA for more impact, for 1 July 2010 would be a simple Mi Bandung dish.
5) Watch "The Dark Knight" and "The Storm Warriors" - which is impossible because I don't own the DVDs.
6) Be at KLIA - obviously impossible.
7) To read what's remained to read and stay conscious and sane after that. (^_^)v

1 July 2010 is my 'supposed day'.
It just plans, it is just something stupid.

Just ignore this~


nurul said…
july...bukan sangat bermakna pada awak kan?i remember u told me something about july...
Hairi said…
What happened in July?
'Aini said…
Reference: Entry "About Us - Introduction"

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