Punctuation Marks


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[It was raining heavily outside]

June 2010 is the month where the most punctuation marks being used. When you are clarifying the happenings, punctuation marks help a lot. They help to differentiate several of emotion and they are very useful in making your explanation sounds more convincing. But be careful, you don't want to overuse it or misuse it; it can make things worse.

I hope I used the punctuation marks well. You'd be surprised how a comma (,) with a correct placing makes the story sounds better. Too many ellipses (...) would make the audience think deeper than they should -- you might want to use it less. The use of question mark (?) is good for provocation, but if you overused it, it makes you sound defensive. On the other hand, using quotation marks (‘ ’, “ ”) could provide the reference/support you need. What happened was a big event in my life. Even without using the exclamation mark (!), my audience can sense the stress. So there's no need to make it bigger -- exclamation mark is banned for use.

What's need to be share, has been shared. Selected people knows everything, people who cared enough to ask get their answers, people who happen to ask the correct question knows the least of it. The more I spoke about it, the more I feel the happening was real. No problem, it was real. No matter what news you are breaking out, take time to prepare yourself and your audience. Though, don't wait too long.

The truth hurts, yes. But truth give proper ending and answer questions that floats all this while. It hurt at first, but it heals through time. Reality is hard, yes, they always do. But nobody can sleep forever just to dream their favorite dreams. The sun shines every day, even after the darkest of night.

My final punctuation mark was a full stop/period (.). It ends a lot of thing. I ended a lot of things. The end.


'Aini said…
Anonymous.. that is cute :)
Azra said…
Yup! The sun shines everyday.
Even when we couldn't see it during rainy days, it's there all the times.
There's always an end to every roads. One day you'll find your happy end.
'Aini said…
A happy end, insyaAllah.. I am in a happy world, if I see it differently :D

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