Food and Love


I don't know what will happen throughout the day, but a slice of cake and good songs (Korean dramas OST :p) makes a better Tuesday morning. As am eating the cake given by my co-worker, I realized that food might be the best way to express love, care, thought and appreciation... and everything nice, of course.

For me cooking is not only an act of mixing up the ingredients and make something edible out of the recipe. Anybody who can read and follow instruction (or lucky enough to get everything right) can make something edible -- I know I can. Hahaha. But foods have soul, won't you agree with me? Don't we all sometime miss or crave for particular food made by specific person...

I remember watching a drama/film on television about a chef. She is a bright and cheerful chef who cooks delicious food. But one day a guy break her heart and make her sad. Ironically, starting from that moment everything she cooked turn out to be disastrous -- as sad as her feeling.

If you cook merely with good ingredients and skill, your food will only be ingredients and skill. But if you cook with love and sincerity, you put up effort to make it works, and you put your attention to give the best, it will make a huge different. It will be more than just food. For example, a simple dish that a mother cook for her family. It might not be the best meal, but to we that's the best, ever. Even Jamie Oliver could not beat it ^____^

Let's cook with love... and please share it with me. Hehehe :)



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