Welcome Baby Girl


Alhamdulillah, my sister in law, Isma, give birth to a lovely baby girl early this morning. I haven't got the chance to meet the princess, yet, but I know she's lovely ^____^ Well, we were expecting a baby boy, because the parents 'feel' like it, but Allah have better plan and He give them another baby girl. Boy or girl, she'll be loved dearly. Ya Allah, semoga bayi ini membesar menjadi Srikandi yang melestarikan agamaMU. Amiin~

I purposely postpone coming back to Penang yesterday, hoping that I can meet the baby. But I guess she really doesn't want to share her birthday with Harper Seven Beckham. So Mak Long needs to wait few days more. Sigh. I feel like driving back to Taiping this evening, but I am not feeling well. Thus, I have decided to get a proper rest and get well by this Friday. There's no point meeting a baby in this condition. I don't want her to get what I am having~



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