How could you not know that you're falling for someone?
How could you not know that you have fallen for someone?
If you didn't know, then how would you fall?

I think it is merely a 'surprise' that you could fall in love with certain someone. Before that you don't know that you could fall in love with that person - given that he or she is totally out from your world - until your path intersect and you fall in love ^____^ Before that you don't know that you could love that someone, no matter what is the background...

Sometime we're too absorbed into our typical network and we believe that we would not fit with others. The truth is, we refuse to step out from our comfort zone and learn about others... And we are too afraid to open up ourselves. How would you know you'll never fit with someone you never talk or spend your time with...? It's almost not fair.

I am following Jung Yonghwa/Park Shinhye's latest drama "You've Fallen for Me" and they just aired the 7th episode. The 7th episode was said to be the turning point where Lee Shin (Yonghwa) realized his feeling for Kyuwon (Shinhye), who is on the contrary, trying to forget her feeling towards Shin. A cute yet typical twisted tale [Not that I have concern at all :p] Shin and Kyuwon is from a very different set of group. Kyuwon was utterly oblivious of Shin's presence despite his popularity and Shin obviously "hates ugly women". Well, Kyuwon is far from being ugly, but she is for sure not a stylish person.

Open your eyes and open your heart. Don't deny what you feel inside. The person you are looking for might be the one least expected. Give chance to other people to get to know you and do not break a heart.

*** I always wonder about it my self... Maybe he is the guy who never look at me or return my smile :p Hahahahaha. Allah is The All Knowing~ ***



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