Rim Cap


Angel lost one of her rim cap. When, unknown. How, bigger unknown. There are three possible reasons according to my friends. 1. I was driving too fast - well, I did, but I would've notice it (maybe the audio was too loud, 'Aini!), 2. I drove Angel into a big crack - which I think ridiculous because I didn't recall any hideous incident (Ya ya ya :p) and 3. Somebody rip it off - erm, but why steal only ONE cap??

I hate to think that I might have to visit a car accessory shop or a car workshop to bargain a new cap or a SET of new caps. Ugh! And I don't need the whole set. What am I supposed to do with the remaining 3 caps anyway? Or is it worth to change the whole set? Nag, nag, nag... I can't believe that I am mostly bothered by the fact that Angel only lost one rim cap. I am sure guys out there are laughing to my silly complicated thoughts. Ok, just laugh :p

I know it's nothing and if I just push myself a little bit, I can do it. The truth is I have this silly fear of embarrassing myself doing the mechanical stuff. I will ask stupid questions and the promoter will have to squeeze his brain to explain to me in the most un-mechanical term. That makes me feel far less beautiful.

Sigh. Let's see what I am going to do about it. Since the lost did not affect Angel's performance as a car (daaa~), so I don't have any additional concern. I'll just pretend that she lost an earring ^____^



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