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Forza Azzurri

My reaction when I realised Italy is in Group C with Spain: Uuuu~ They're with Spain.

My reaction when Italy draw with Croatia: Seriously boys~

My reaction when I saw The Star EURO 2012 Free Copy 16-Page Special Edition entitled "Italian Job": Oh they make it to Quarter Final!!! *cheer*

My reaction before going to sleep the night Italy played England for Quarter Final: *crossing fingers* Take care, Azzurri.
[Abah is the only person giving me hope that Italy can win against England, and of course the elephant was on our side too. People thinks England have more chance to defeat Italy, "even if the game goes to penalty England will win", said someone. Fine. We Azzurri fans are used to that kind of treatment :p]

My reaction waking up and Google-ing the result and knowing that Italy advanced themselves to Semi Final: Oh my oh my oh my! Texting a 'yeay' shout to a friend and typing "Italy advanced to Semi Final" in my blog but never published it. Read and watched the penalty shootout over and over again, researching "Panenka", Google-ing Pirlo and collecting impressive match statistic. And ya, I spent the day hating the fact that people talks more on the defeats of England instead of the winning of Italy.

My reaction watching Italy vs Germany: Please play well, Azzurri. Please, please, please. Only after Balotelli scored the first goal I updated my FB status "Forza Azzurri! Pls pls pls bertahan smp tamat".
[Didn't anyone watched EURO 2000 Italy vs France?!]

And the Azzurri beat Germany; securing the spot in the EURO 2012 Final meeting defending champion, Spain!
*winning dance*

Pick up a blue baju kurung.

My Reaction:
Azzurri vs La Roja
Buffon vs Casillas
My two sweethearts and only one winner.

Should I wear Purple then?

With Italy, early excitement always breaks your heart. We just need to believe them ^_____^

P.S: I am Azzurri fans since 1998, been following Casillas since his younger age with Real Madrid. Some would jump into conclusion that I am the winning-team supporter or good-look-player fans. Pfft. It's football, people. We watched the game; players' performance, potential and quality.


Nuown said…
hello! no way!!! women always be classify that we just love football becoz of good looking player. hello..we love football kan..for me football is an art! like you said ..We watched the game; players' performance, potential and quality.. yeah it's so true!!!
'Aini said…
kan kan kan. sakit je hati bla org rate kita cmtu.. padahal kita ni punya la bersungguh2 minat sukan bola sepak tu. we need to educate those men.
huhu..sama la..our tot...hehehe...i luv italy since forever...n spain is my favourite too..ottoke? but...italian will always be no or lose...^^
'Aini said…
mmg berbelah bagi italy vs spain at final... tp semestinya italy nombor 1 dihati. forza, forza, forza azzurri! ^_____^ [tone mcm thundercats~]

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