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The Why That You Wonder


This entry is a response to a question asked by a friend to another friend of mine. He wonder why I look different ('different' is not exact word) after the unfortunate event of my relationship (will be referred to as 'unfortunate event' later). Since I did plan to write something similar to that wonder, only nothing related to me, I think there's no harm to proceed with this idiotic babbling :p

It's nothing winning-him-back or revengeful situation. I am not Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) or Putri Farhana (Gol & Gincu). But yes, I can adore Elle Woods and Putri Farhana in girls after their unfortunate event. Fight for your love and fight as a beauty. Puffy eyes, bad hair day, mismatch style? Ugh, no! So not happening (^____^)

It's nothing big.
It's just that I have extras to pamper myself. All the while, love, time, commitment and energy were spent to manage the event. With the occurrence of the unfortunate event, I have them back to myself. It's exactly like handling a project. Once it ends you'll have opportunities to utilize your time, skills and resources. The same goes to me. Love, time, commitment and energy are not to be wasted. Why not use them wisely to highlight what I am missing in life?

So I did.
I'm going to love myself more than anyone else.
Time, commitment and energy -- I'm going to spend these for a better me, a better life and to those who really sincerely needs me and care about me. As far as I know, these kind of people always want me to live my life the fullest. Not that they would deceive the whining me, but I'd say this is how I respect their love -- for accepting me during my worst condition, for holding my hand and guiding me home, for being a good listener to stupid issues of my life and for seeing me as me.

In addition, a beautiful girl in my mirror makes me bounce higher and she actually is a good remedy that mends a broken heart :p Don't you think so? I am not sure if 'different' gets any closer to 'beautiful', I don't really care. What matters now is what I see in me.



KC said…
Loving ourselves is akin to filling a cup with tea..

And the other person is the saucer..

Once the cup is filled up with tea, then only the tea flows over onto the saucer..

Pardon me...I feel so Zen-ish tonight..

-The Minimalist Guy-
'Aini said…
Yes, above words are true.
Pernah terbaca sesuatu dari buku Yang Bernama Cinta, lebih kurang: "Jika anda mencintai seseorang, biar dia mencintai dirinya sendiri. Sampai akhirnya cinta itu tumpah kepadamu". :)

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