Japanese Wedding Showcase


I've completed my Bridal Fair 2010 - Japanese Wedding Showcase album! (More pictures in my Facebook album) It was a great experience to attend such event. It was my first fashion show, so I don't really know where should I stand or what should I capture. Alhamdulillah, the pictures turn out great. With a basic gear, I did not expect much but I am happy to see what I manage to captured.

My favorite would be the yellow wedding dress which was transform from a traditional wedding dress. They actually did it on the stage. The models for that particular wedding dress played their role well and brought out the romantic mood. The way he stares at her was like he is so proud of marrying her and there was so much love between them.

I am all excited about this wedding thing (^_____^)
I love Satomi Kobayashi's message. I could not recall it exactly, but her message remind me of the reason why I love wedding so much. For her, it's more than just a business or a career; it's her passion. I agree with her, women are most gorgeous on their wedding day. Being able to 'assist' in making the dream come true is a satisfaction. At the end of the day, it's more than just dress, hair and make-up... It's a passion, a dream and love.



Fifah said…
bila kita nk start buat wedding business ni..?
'Aini said…
hehehe. if you are confident in me, we can start right at this moment! (^_____^)

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