A Message


Note: This entry was inspired by a friend. Thank you, darling!

"My life is my message".
Gandhi got that right.

Yes, life is a message.
Life is never about what people expect you to be, it's not about what other people want... Life is about us and the decision we made.
‘Life’ is our essence of existence.

I’m not a rule-breaker, thus I am fulfilling my essence of existence. We all do.
We all breathe and survive and die fulfilling this one destiny.
That is to worship Him.
To the tiniest existence of us and the whole universe, life is meaningless without Him.
Life is Him.

That’s my message.
Hidup ini sekadar mencari mati yang sempurna.



"Hidup ini sekadar mencari mati yang sempurna"
--> Great message :)

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