About Us - Part 4: Kick Start


Note: For those who know what's happening to me today, maybe you'd expect me to write something about it. I did thought about that. But when I think again I feel like I still have plenty of nice memories I can share.

I can say that he is the kick start of the day... or maybe in my life.
Always a wonderful beginning.

During our early years, he sent me nice morning greetings. Those greetings never failed to cheer my day. He would called me Princess, but I like it the most when he called me 'Aini; never missed the apostrophe. But the sweetest was when he would SMS me for Subuh prayer. I pray for a moment of truth.

I love his morning calls; when he woke me up from my deep sleep. Though not on daily basis or that often, it was a small gesture that brightens the day. Ask Sleeping Beauty and Snow White what they felt... well, I felt better! For I don't need evil spell on spindle or apple to meet my Prince Charming.

He is a morning person. We spent more time on breakfast than lunch or dinner. Breakfast was our only time alone back at Sarawak. He would fetch me from my hostel early in the morning. It was always too early for most of restaurant and we always need to drive around to find one that opened at our breakfast time. I enjoyed every journey.

Great things happen in my life when I met him. He is a gift.



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