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Maybe there are a small group of girls who did not know Cinderella. Me, on the other hand [and maybe you too] falls under the other group -- we know Cinderella, touched by story and see ourselves wearing the gown, riding the pumpkin and lost one glass slipper.

Most of my childhood years were filled with only one dream -- to marry a Prince. I had this idea of bumping into one of the Prince [in my case would be The Raja Muda Perak :D] and maybe he will see me of all the crowd. Childish, yes. Then, when I understand that that possibility was almost impossible, I started aiming for a higher class gentlemen. As time move by, as I read and learn more, all I wanted was my own Prince Charming that would secure my hand and rescue me from my life -- not that I have miserable life, though.

When I think of the desire to have a 'Prince Charming' to 'rescue' me from my life, now, it sounds so impractical. First, my life is fine, it is great in fact. Secondly, even if my life is almost miserable -- why would I specifically rely on a guy to make it better?

Hold on that thought!
IFF you think I am trying to deny the significance of men in women's life; you might want to use the hand brake too. I am not a feminist.

Please consider this -- of all the fairytales we know since childhood, plus the modern one -- tell me about the 'Princess' or the main female character. Now answer this, didn't their life pictured as miserable? Major question: is it that hard to be a woman that we deserve to be described as a being in agony that requires a guy to pull her from the well? It's just a rhetoric question.

My main point is I do not think that our daughters should [anymore] rely on such mental model. Life is not always easy, but there are ways to make it better. The most important message I would like to convey to all daughters out there, you made your life, not another human being. Fight! As for the 'Prince Charming' model, well, they are metaphoric.

I am not fairytales hater; I’m just a rational. Princesses out there, you are beautiful for who you are!



Kuazue Mohamad said…
salam eyena..

maaf.. tak tau cara nak hubungi adek.. boleh emailkan nama penuh, address lengkap n contek no pada email kakzu... nanti kakzu pulang cuti.. kakzu nak deliver coklat utk follower ke 100...
anda boleh redem nya once kakzu upload kat blog yer...
It will be a very sweet gift.. coklat kan.. hhee..
CikMelur said…
kak aini...

i love this entry damn much!!! :)

we shouldn't wait for a man to have a happy ending.

whats more, love should never have a happy ending, because it should never end!!
'Aini said…
"whats more, love should never have a happy ending, because it should never end!!" <<--- I like this :)

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