A Walk...


Even a new pair of high heels bites for the first few days, or weeks; let alone a 'new' life. That's the sensation. I foresee myself to be in an overdose sedative condition for some time. No deadline.

I am a learner, a good one. I'll learn to walk in this new pair of high heels down the runaway. It's the audience that creep me. Eyes that that follows me. Whispers I hear. Flashing of cameras capturing this moment of my life. I'll walk to the end of the runway and give my best pose.

Memories linger in every fragment, moments that hold me to the ground; I can't run, I can't hide. To force myself to forget would be like smashing my skull and hoping for amnesia. Force has no vector in this condition. I pray for it to fade through time and in the meantime learn to live with it.

Hear my answer, for the stupidity you might know I am doing.
I'm moving on. I am letting go. But please understand, I need to walk this final walk. This is my walk to remember.
When you lost your gravity, you float.

More sedative, please.



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