The Runway


I am walking on a runway, wearing a pretty dress and a pair of reasonable high heels. Flashing of lights with clicking sounds from cameras added up to the music’s beat. I can see people I loved standing and cheering their support. Some waved, some smile with teary eyes, and some smirk with their smug eyes. I smile to those who smiled, I wink to those with teary eyes and I stare deep into those smug eyes.

I wonder if I can keep on walking, keeping this bright smile on my pretty face. This pretty dress I am wearing and these reasonable high heels I am walking in, I must present it well. The most important thing is I must not trip. There are times I feel like I am losing my coordination, I am searching for a familiar face from the crowd.

I am yet to see the end of the runway.
This is a long runway, indeed.



nuownz said…
all da best kak! I am one of the crowd with big smile.. give my sincere smile to you!! :)
'Aini said…
thanks nuown! :)

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