About Us: End of a Love Story


11 April 2010, the end of a love story. I couldn't write more as it contains mix of emotions. Bittersweet. What I would like to share, a break up doesn’t necessarily have to be harsh. Pray hard for His guidance; pray sincerely for His Rahman, Rahim and Lateef. He will help you. The logic behind it is if a relationship begins with flower petals and rainbow, the ending (despite how it hurts) should as well worth some good manners.

This is His Qadha' and Qadar. It's written by Allah even before we were created. May Allah bless each soul with redha.

The law of conservation of energy stated that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another. The same goes with love. It happens in His permission and it never ends, it's being redefined. Maybe our love stops here, but we'll always love each out of friendship.

Always believe in love for Allah is Love.


lisaComel said…
Be patient kak 'aini, n i know u r very tough lady...juz believe that Allah know the Best for you...because HE LOVE you...
'Aini said…
thanks, lisa.. InsyaAllah, cukup kuat ke akhirnya~

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