To All Friends

I have friends that make me laugh and friends that make me cry. I love them all --- those who make me cry touches my heart and those who make me laugh tickles my laughing nerves! Hahahaha.

This is to all friends, despite who you are and what you did... I love you when you make me cry, even more when you make me smile... I want to give you Jacob's bear-tight hugs when you make me laugh. I am stronger because you were there on the right time to comfort me, to hold my hand and to believe me.

Here’s a phrase I remembered for years: “A friend is someone who understand your past, believe in your future and accepts you today just the way you are”. I know this phrase is true. But for me, a friend is just by being me and you!
[You are more than just an umbrella] Be it sunny or rainy… You are required, needed and welcomed in my life :)


Fara Dee Dilah said…
tp kadang2 ade gak fren yg backstabber..hurmmm..
'Aini said…
Fara Dee Dilah. kwn backstabber mmg exist... tp 'Aini tak pggl as "kawan" la... They better start running :p hehehe~

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