I can't resist being happy when people around me are happy. It's like perfume in the air... always my favorite perfume. Happy person emitted a very special energy, a bright and radiant energy. I understand why Jasper hover around Bella in Breaking Dawn... it is the taste of happiness that tickles every nerve in your body. [Maybe I should consider taking "Jasper" as my middle name :p]

Your day begins in the morning. There's a saying: a great day begins with a smile. That's why I highly recommended all media to play happy songs from 6 am to 10 am. I had had bad days due to songs I heard on my favorite station. I made my day, true, but a little help please.

I am not the one with pure happiness in life. No, not me. [Hands up] But I did not find it wrong to be happy for someone else's happiness.

I am not married and yet to find a decent guy [at the age of 26 years old], but reading a love note from my friend's husband on her FB wall made my day; or whenever they tagged me in their lovely pictures, I know my friend married a decent guy and is happy in her life.

I dream of having my own baby every second. When I meet pregnant women, it makes me glow. There are happy women out there, expecting children of their own. Last few days a friend is going for a checkup and I feel so excited about it.

Who doesn't feel lonely especially when you are away from home and your loved ones? But when I read comments from friends [on my FB or others] it assured me that this world is full of good people. These are kind people, gifted to cheer rough days. I value each of them.

I love engagement and [definitely] wedding announcements. Wedding pictures and baby pictures brightens my day. Good achievement stories give me hope in life. Inspiring writings make me smile.

And writing and sharing good thoughts make me feel better each second.
Oh I did not write to show how good I am or how miserable my life is. It's a piece of my life shared with you.
Be happy, because you never know who's inspired by you.


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